Sous vide bacon recipe is the simple process of cooking bacon where it is free of ingredients to use on the meat to make it juicy or crunchy. It requires some simple steps to follow, and it is not a difficult job.

It consists of the taste, brawniness, and pulpiness you never get from cooked bacon.

Have you ever tried sous vide bacon? Don’t? Why? Don’t know the process of making it? If yes, I am here to give you the process of making it. Below I have described everything step by step for your easy understanding. But first of all, you should know what sous vide bacon is.

What Is Sous Vide Bacon?

Sous Vide Bacon

This is a recipe for bacon meat with a sealed, airtight bag that is cooked in hot water at 145 degrees Fahrenheit or 63 degrees celsius. This required temperature is needed to make the moist meat inside and will be crispy when it is cooked.

Process Of Making Sous Vide Bacon

Whenever you follow a recipe, you must consider some instructions. For example, you should ensure the meat’s load, water temperature, and time. All of these need to be done; otherwise, if any of the requirements fail to be fulfilled, you will not get the desired taste.

So, keep an eye on the necessary things-



To make this recipe, you need to choose the correct weight of bacon. The bacon meat must weigh 1 pound or 450 grams and be thickly cut. It is the ideal poundage for cooking. You can also use regular cut flesh for cooking.

Again, the flesh should be in an airtight bag so that bacteria will not get access for getting inside the bag and damage the meat.

The bag comes with bacon, which can be used to submerge in warm water but is unsafe. You should apply a sealed bag made for doing this. You can also add an extra pack of meats to prepare in hot water if there is a space in the hot water bath.

Water Temperature

The water temperature should be 145 degrees Fahrenheit or 63 degrees celsius. You must maintain this temperature to be adequately baked for a long time. If you temper the temperature by increasing, then the meat will dry out.


It takes at least 8 hours to 24 hours to properly bake. So if you plan to have breakfast with crispy and juicy bacon, bathe it at midnight. Then, it is ready to get on the iron skillet to cook in the morning.

But before the meat meets the skillet, you have to cool it down for easy touch and separate the slice. One more thing you have to do after cooling it down.

Make a road in the bag by cutting a corner on any side to drain away the fat of the meat, which melts at high temperatures.

For better results, cook it for 48 hours with warm water.

Finally, the meat encounters its final journey. It is cooking the last thing of the sous vide bacon recipe. Use cast iron or a heavy bottom pan and heat it with a medium-high heat of 325 degrees Fahrenheit or 125 degrees Celsius for five minutes.

Let the meat be cooked for 2 or 3 minutes until it turns brown. Then turn the upper part on to the heat to be baked. When everything is done, please remove it from the pan and wrap it with a paper towel, and it is ready to eat.

How To Reheat Bacon?

How To Reheat Bacon

Searching for an answer about how to reheat bacon left over, which gets cold? Then, the answer is near to you. There are many options on how to reheat the bacon. Oven, microwave oven, skillet, air fryer, broiler, etc., are the everyday things in your house.

So, your problem is solved. Now, let’s talk about how to reheat bacon using homely methods.


Skillet is the fastest way to reheat the bacon. Just warm the skillet to medium-high temperature, place single slices, and heat them for 1-2 minutes. Now, your crispy bacon is ready to serve. Use a paper towel before going to the plate.


The oven is the best way to warm bacon at a significant amount simultaneously. Set the range to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for preheating. Insert bacon, cover them with aluminum foil, and heat for 8-10 minutes. Be cautious about not overheating because it makes the food dry out.

Micro Oven

You can use a micro oven to generate warmth in meat. Insert slices into it, and cover with a paper towel setting a time of 20 to 60 seconds. The main problem with this method is it makes things rubbery and chewy without zero crispy.


For using this, you have to make the broiler hot and set a wire rack over it to hold the meat and fry for 1-2 minutes. Again, keep looking not to be burnt for overheating.


You can make your bacon crispy in five minutes using an air fryer. But, first, ensure the temperature is set to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 180 degrees celsius.

How Long Is Cooked Bacon Good For?

sous vide bacon

You have cooked bacon and try to keep the remaining meats in the fridge but don’t know how long is cooked bacon good for. Usually, the cooked bacon is good for 5 days maximum when you store it in the refrigerator. However, you can extend the longevity by keeping them in a freezer where they stand for one month.

Keep in mind that the cooked bacon should be kept in an airtight container to prevent bacteria from damaging the food.

Hopefully, you get the answers to your question about how long is cooked bacon good for.

How Long Does Bacon Last In The Fridge?

Wondering how long does bacon last in the fridge? The answer depends on its packaging, whether it is opened or not, the temperature of the refrigerator, etc. you have to keep your meat in an airtight container or bag with a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it is not open, bacon can be in good condition in a refrigerator for two weeks and in a freezer for eight months. Moreover, bacon opened but not cooked is not meant to be wrong after one week and in the freezer lasts six months. I hope now you’ve got the answer to the question “how long does bacon last in the fridge”.


Ready to taste the delicious sous vide bacon recipe? You can go for it if you cannot stop watering your mouth. Above I have given the details about the things you need for making, the cooking process and things to follow. So, don’t wait; go to the market to buy some bacon, bring it to the house, and make crispy & tender sous vide bacon.

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