If you have ever wondered: “What do you need in your kitchen?” This is a must-read for you. In some cases, it is about having the right cooking tools, but for others, it is that refreshing touch that needs to be seen daily, to make it its own version of paradise. Here is a look at a few items that you should think about incorporating into your kitchen, to make it the perfect place to be.

Upgrade what you use on a Daily Basis


Do you get up with a cup bought at the Dollar store, to drink your coffee? It may be the case, simply because you needed a cup urgently, and you never got time to buy a more decent one, later on. The cups, glasses, plates and cutlery we use every day, should be of the best quality possible. It will change your state of mind immediately, at all times of the day, whether at breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is the details that render our life better (or worse, if we don’t handle them).

From the moment you will upgrade your plates and cups to ceramics by Revol, you will enjoy the moment more. Eating your pasta in elegant French dinnerware, instead of regular ones, will render the act more pleasurable. It is also true about wine glasses that were designed to fully enjoy the taste or the smell of it, as well as using heavy cutlery to eat your dinner. Until you have made the change, you won’t fully understand what you are really missing. It is a very small investment, when you think of how often you use these items, in your daily life.

A Touch of Nature Need in Your Kitchen

Nature Need in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is where you prepare your meal. The most important element for any chef is to use fresh ingredients. It doesn’t make sense to find a kitchen without a fruit basket. First, because if you don’t have fruits at home, it means your diet is lacking a very important element. Secondly, fruits are colourful and bring life to the room. Finally, it makes it easier to catch one, before heading out. Place a fresh bouquet of flowers, in the centre of the table as well. Anything that can link you to nature, will be a benefit to your life.

An Opening onto the Garden

flood the kitchen

Our houses are not meant to be bunkers. We need the sun rays to flood the kitchen, if we want it to be a happy one. The best solution to this problem is to literally put down the wall and replace it with a series of glass sliding doors. During wintertime, you will benefit from the light (which we don’t have in sufficient amount during these months), and in summer, you can fully open the doors and have friends and family over, for a garden party. You can then cook while they enjoy a nice refreshing drink on the terrace, and still be together.


What you need most in a kitchen is comfort. You want to feel relaxed when you drink your first cup of coffee in the morning and have sufficient space to clean the dishes, when the day is all said and done.

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