When you think of Mexican rice, you think of rice with a lot of additions, dressings, and spices, many of which can be heavy or not very digestible.

Today we have to tell you that it doesn’t always have to be that way, since it is possible to make a really light, healthy, and flavorful vegan-style Mexican rice recipe.

In this sense, we present below relevant information about vegan Mexican rice. We will also refer to its main ingredients and preparation.

What is Great about This Recipe?

mexican rice

It is a tasty and easy-to-prepare recipe with a touch of traditional flavor ideal to accompany other Mexican recipes. It is a delicious and quick choice for weeknights or even for a special dinner for two.

Its flavor is enhanced by using vegetable broth instead of water since the broth concentrates a lot of flavors.

It is the usual garnish for other popular Mexican dishes such as fajitas, burritos or chili without meat. It is a homemade recipe suitable for all diets.

The ideal for this recipe is to use fresh tomatoes, but tomato paste works as well, besides you don’t have to prepare anything, just add it and that’s it. What’s more, it offers beautiful color and an acidic flavor profile that you can’t get from tomatoes.

Furthermore, this vegan recipe can provide the essential nutrients you require for the right functioning of your body. That is so because of the proper amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and calories it contains.

As known, rice is rich in complex carbohydrates which give you the energy you require. If you are on an exercise regime, it is ideal to help you increase muscle mass.


Below are some important facts of its main ingredients you should know:


In the traditional recipe Mexican red rice is used, but for this vegan recipe you better use long-grain white rice or brown rice, preferably basmati type. It sticks less and is looser, and also provides more fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Tomato or Tomato sauce

Use cherry tomatoes instead of tomatoes, also referred to as red tomatoes. But, as mentioned, if you want a more intense red color, you can use salsa or tomato paste.

veg rice

Virgin Olive Oil

Prefer cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, since it is the least processed and healthiest.

Vegetable Stock

It can be made with vegetables, the best choice, but you can use stock cubes, or buy it already made.


Use carrots, corn, and peas or green peas, but you are free to use peppers, onions or other vegetables.


If you like spicy food, try adding jalapenos, chili powder or tabasco, or ONLY for the brave… chili powder or tabasco!


As a final touch, you can add cumin, coriander leaves, and a splash of lime juice to compensate for the spiciness.

Preparation of Vegan Mexican Rice

vegan rice

Generally speaking, this recipe is very easy to prepare.

  1. First, in a medium skillet heat the oil. Then, add rice and let it lightly get roasted with the garlic, onion and any other spices you may like to add.
  2. Next, allow the rice slowly simmer with tomatoes, absorbing all its liquid so that it becomes deliciously tasty. You can use canned or fresh chopped tomatoes in this recipe.
  3. Finally, fluff and garnish with cilantro. When the mixture of tomato is settled on the top of the rice. Use a fork and fluff the rice softly, and then mix it in the cilantro garnish and tomato mixture.
  4. You are done. Taste the recipe and add salt if needed.

Normally, Mexican rice is cooked in chicken broth or chicken stock, but in this vegan recipe case, homemade vegetable broth is used to keep this recipe completely vegan and gluten-free.

Vegan Mexican rice goes a long way as a side dish to many main meals, but likewise, it can pair with some homemade refried beans, or top it off with fresh cilantro, as it is a simple side dish ideal for almost any meal.

In the following link https://minuterice.com/recipes/mexican-rice/ you will find another preparation of an authentic not vegan Mexican rice recipe. There you will learn about how to cook it, what goes with Mexican rice, the seasoning and other interesting data. Just check it out!

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