In the last few years, health-conscious individuals have been promoted to culinary arts. Cooking isn’t an easy task to do, but with a little creativity and imagination, it can become a creative outlet for you. It can be a great way to express yourself through your cooking. But what is a mindmap? It’s a visual tool that will help you organize your thoughts and ideas. With the use of a mind map template, you can create healthy recipes innovatively and creatively. Check out examples on Venngage.

Tips In Using A Mindmap

Ever wondered how to mindmap? In using a mindmap for creating healthy recipes, here are some tips that will certainly help you get started:

1. Start with the Basic Ingredients

Before diving headfirst into creating a mindmap online for your recipes, know what ingredients you will need for your dish. For example, if you were to cook a stir-fry, then the basic ingredients that should be included are soy sauce or tamari, olive oil or coconut oil, garlic, and ginger. The same goes for baking. If you are planning to make brownies, then the basic ingredients include unsweetened cocoa powder, granulated sugar, salt, vanilla extract, and butter or coconut oil.

2. Mix in Some Healthy Fats

Some recipes require the use of solid fats to create a dish that is moist and tasty. You may easily incorporate these using your mindmap app. If you are baking, for example, add some avocado oil or almond oil to your brownies. For a healthier version of ice cream, use coconut milk or cashew milk and mix in some shredded coconut and almonds.

3. Create Your Dips and Spreads

If you’re planning to make a party platter, why not create your spreads or dips? You can mix some hummus, tahini, and lemon juice for a healthy version of hummus. For another dip, mix some tahini, dill weed, and salt for a healthier alternative to ranch dressing.

4. Make Your Sauces

When you are making sauces or dressings, you can easily make your own by mixing in some crushed garlic or spices. You can also use healthy fats instead of heavy cream to create a creamy texture.

5. Use Fresh Herbs & Spices

If you’re creating dips or spreads, then why not use fresh herbs that are full of flavor? If you want to create a hummus that has a zing to it, then use cilantro or parsley. You can also create some flavorful dishes by using sun-dried tomatoes instead of fresh tomatoes for your pasta sauce recipe.

6. Experiment on Other Flavoring Agents

Experiment on Other Flavoring Agents

Why not experiment on other flavoring agents aside from herbs, spices, and fats? Instead of using salt, use brined olives. For those who want to create a healthier version of fried rice, why not try using lime juice and chili powder?

7. Use Healthy Sauces as Dipping Agents

If you’re fond of dipping your food in sauces, try using some healthy alternatives such as salsa or guacamole instead of mayonnaise or ranch. If you want a healthier version of spaghetti sauce, try using crushed tomatoes and add some oregano, basil, and thyme for a tastier flavor.

8. Try Using Healthy Baking Substitutes

If you’re fond of baking but you want to lower the sugar content in your recipe, then try using some healthy substitutes such as applesauce or unsweetened molasses instead of sugar. You can also use organic maple syrup instead of granulated sugar for a healthier substitute that is still tasty to eat.

9. Use Healthy Garnishments

Instead of using butter or cheese, you can garnish your dishes with edible organic flowers like lavender or rose petals. For those who want to create a healthier version of meatloaf, why not use pumpkin purée as your garnishment? You can also add some soy sauce or Yakumi to add some flavor to your dish.

10. Use Healthy Replacement Ingredients

Why not try using an egg replacement when you’re baking? For example, mashed bananas, applesauce, and prune purée are good replacements for eggs when you want to create healthier dishes. You can also use ground flaxseed powder as a substitute for eggs.

11. Add Some Veggies In Your Dish

Could you do without adding some veggies to your dish? Instead of using noodles, why not use zucchinis as the replacement? You can also add eggplants to your spaghetti sauce and mix in some chopped shiitake to your stir fry dish.

12. Use Healthy Seasonings In Your Dish

Why not use some healthy seasonings to flavor your dish? For a healthier alternative to taco seasoning, mix some cayenne peppers, chili powder, and oregano instead of using the usual packet from the supermarket. For a sweeter flavor, add some dried fruit powder instead of using sugar for your recipe.

13.  Use Natural Substitutes for Healthy Recipes

Use Natural Substitutes

For those who are not fond of using artificial sweeteners, why not try some natural substitutes such as honey or maple syrup? You can also use barley malt extract instead of corn syrup. For a healthier substitute for brown sugar, you can use coconut palm sugar.


Following these tips can help you create healthier versions of your favorite dishes. You may also use a flyer maker when encouraging others to try your healthy recipes.  Why not try to create a healthier version of your favorite dishes today.

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