Modern homes tend to be smaller, due to which homeowners don’t want to waste even a single inch. They prefer to utilize every bit of it to combat space crunch. From this, you can imagine why they may vote for undermount sinks. These can adorn their small yet neat kitchen seamlessly. The striking features of this type of sink choice make its installation easy and flush. The countertops can also breathe easy because of the absence of overlapping of rims. With this installation, you get a choice of a variety of surfaces. Let’s get into the various aspects of this design one by one.

Why do undermount options get preference over top mount?

Topmount bowls can look equally elegant and attractive in the kitchen. But structural integrity can be one of the challenges with them. At the time of installation, you apply the caulk in the gap between the countertop and rim. But continuous use can dislodge the seal and lead to the buildup of dirt, debris, and grime. The deposits in the gap not only look unhygienic but can also cause structural risks. If you don’t want to deal with this issue, going with undermount can look sensible. Ease of cleaning and maintenance is another highlight that can attract you to this choice.

Some people invest in this model as it is quite flexible with the placement of faucet. The rim tends to be lower than the surface; hence, you get the freedom to explore where to place the water fixtures. Since they don’t feature any pre-drilled holes, you get relief while picking a specific style of the faucet of your liking. You can select a faucet that syncs well with your worktop and kitchen. When it comes to fixing a location, you can discuss it with your plumber and get going with the most accessible point. Some people like to install a tap in countertop by creating a hole. Anyway, you can talk about the most favorable option with your plumbing professional for some ideas.

Why do you need to pay attention to the material used in undermount models?

You may want to buy one of the best undermount sinks for your kitchen. While this design certainly has some installation advantages, you also have to be careful with the choice of the material to enjoy this feature in your busy corner of the house.

In many US homes, stainless steel undermount sinks are prevalent. There are two reasons behind this. Firstly, numerous interior decoration magazines and blogs promote stainless steel sinks, and secondly, they are right on the top in terms of durability. Granite sinks are also a choice, but their costly prices can deter you. Anyway, stainless steel kitchen sinks come in interesting variations and rarely pose any challenge with the installation. You can trust this surface for its sturdiness against composite and ceramic bowls.Β  Still, every material has some merits and demerits. So, it will be better to have a quick look at them before arriving at a decision.

Stainless steel VS composite surface

Available in many shapes and sizes, stainless steel has become a popular choice among homeowners. In combination with undermount designs, this material makes an ideal match for any granite countertop and stainless steel appliances. Since the rim lies low, you can wipe crumbs into the sink quickly. Because of this ease, it becomes convenient to maintain hygiene in the kitchen every day. Plus, stainless steel is the most affordable compared to others. Whether you are looking to save a few dollars or adjust to a tight budget, you can buy it for a price that suits you.

Everyone knows stainless steel is extremely hygienic because of the nonporous construction that doesn’t allow bacteria to develop on it. You can use any household cleaning solution for cleaning the surface. There is no need for special maintenance. A soft cloth and gentle soap water can be enough to achieve this. The two reasons that can still stop you from opting for this include – absence of choices in colors and relatively lower scratch resistance.

These two demerits can lead you to consider composite granite undermount sink as a choice. It can mix and match with granite countertop like no other choice. Different brands offer granite models in undermount design. You get many colors also, such as black, gray, and brown. A granite sink in any of these tones can look no less than a statement in your kitchen. As such, this material enjoys a natural upscale appeal.

Besides, granite is also known for its tough construction. Some may doubt its performance because of the belief that stoneware tends to chip, crack, or get damaged. However, the new sinks with advanced engineering techniques remove or control these challenges to a great degree. Plus, it can show amazing tolerance for harsh sunlight, acid, and alkaline. It can be quite a meaningful addition for you if you are a busy cook, and your sink has to bear heavy use. The main problem you can face with this undermount option is the higher price point.

So, as you may have realized, undermount sinks can elevate the overall interior theme of your kitchen without requiring any additional effort from your end. From an ability to increase space utilization to vibe with its beauty, the installation offers a fine balance between looks and utility. Hence, you can invest in this choice and have a safe experience.

It can feel overwhelming to know that even undermount design comes with three variations, including positive reveal, negative reveal, and flush mount. Flush mount installation types can have countertop and rim at the same level. Positive reveal exposes the sink rim around the opening, while negative reveal features countertop extended over the edge of the sink. All these have specific pros and cons. But you can expect this with any other installation type too. Make sure you look for this model in a reputed store only. They can guarantee you the best standards of quality. Plus, you can rest assured that you will get the exact thing for which you are paying an amount.