Being a vegan means you’ve adapted to a lifestyle of not consuming any product that contains components or ingredients that come from animals. Most definitely, you can’t eat meat, as well as its other byproducts.

Whether you’re a vegan or you’re serving a pizza to some of your vegan friends and family, there are many diverse ways to make your pizza taste flavorful with excellent toppings. This article will show you how to add on toppings that are devoid of any non-vegan ingredients.

Here are the following topping ideas that will taste well with your vegan pizza:

Topping Ideas For Vegan Pizza

1. Caramelized Onions

Caramelized Onions

Caramelized onions are onions whose natural sugars are caramelized as they’re simmered, and these taste amazing as toppings for your vegan pizza dough. When onions cook down, the texture becomes creamy. These are easy to prepare, so apply the following tips:

  • Go For Yellow Onions

There’s enough sugar content in yellow onions. That’s why they caramelize nicely when roasted. If you want the sweet side of onions on your pizza, go for yellow onions.

  • Caramelize More Than One Onion

This tip is essential to save you from wasting time on the caramelizing process. Caramelizing onions significantly reduces their volume, so you’ll realize that one whole piece of onion won’t be enough for your pizza. The process usually takes time, so it’s best to toss in two bulbs of onions or so in one batch of caramelizing methods.

  • Stir The Onions As Often As Possible

Caramelizing the onions requires you to toss and stir them as often as possible. It’s best to start them with about a five-minute gap.

  • Cover The Pan

One effective way to allow onions to caramelize is by covering the pan for some minutes. However, keep a note to check them every once every few minutes.

2. Roasted Garlic

Roasted Garlic

The flavor of roasted garlic is enhanced when it softens and becomes spreadable. It makes for a great topping for a plant-based pizza, too. The process of roasting garlic takes about an hour, just like making caramelized onions. Similarly, roasted garlic can transform any dish, like roasted potatoes without oil, to taste extra-amazing.

Here are some tips you may follow when making roasted garlic at home:

  • Prepare and preheat your oven first.
  • Slice the head of the garlic so some parts of it are exposed and heat can penetrate more easily.
  • Prepare a tin foil on your oven pan and align some garlic pieces on it.
  • Pour in some olive oil before wrapping them with the tin foil.
  • Give it one hour of baking time.
  • Once they’re ready and roasted, you can remove the skin easily.

3. Pizza Tomato Sauce Or Pesto Sauce

Pizza Tomato Sauce Or Pesto Sauce

There are things you need to know before adopting a plant-based diet. First off, you need to know that you can’t add cheese to your pizza. In cheeseless pizzas, the tomatoes are the flavor-adders, and they can at least compensate for flavor. The usual pizza sauce that you can incorporate into vegan pizza is a sweet tomato sauce. You can easily make a red tomato sauce as there are many recipes to follow online. Otherwise, use a can of tomato sauce puree, salt, and sugar, and add in some spices. And that’s how simple it can be.

For your second option, you’ll never go wrong with creating a vegan pesto sauce, too. You can create a combination of the tomato sauce and this pesto sauce, and you’ll have a tasty drizzle of sauce on your plant-based pizza. When you have such a delicious pizza topping, you won’t ever have to crave cheese.

4. Mushrooms And Artichoke

Vegan Pizza

Cheese-less pizza needs some umami flavor. This is on the savory and meaty side of tastes, which you need to fill in through mushrooms and artichokes. To prepare your mushrooms, here are some tips:

  • Prepare your mushrooms by sautéing them in one cup of water.
  • Cook the water down until it’s reduced by half, and then add some garlic salt and olive oil.
  • When you prepare the mushrooms in water before cooking them, you’ll use less oil, and the end product will be crispier.

5. Broccolini And Grape Tomatoes

Broccolini And Grape Tomatoes

Roasted veggies won’t ever fail you when you’re making vegan pizza. You can go for broccolini and grape tomatoes as your toppings. When adding raw ingredients to pizza, timing is tricky. It’s a matter of knowing when they’ll be dried and cooked so your pizza won’t be soggy.

6. Sweet Potato, Corn, And Jalapeno

Sweet Potato, Corn, And Jalapeno

Served with barbecue sauce and tossed with homemade BBQ seasoning, you can have these toppings for your vegan pizza. The richness in flavor of these three ingredients is surely exciting.


You can never go wrong with these toppings that are well-fit for your vegan pizza. Even without access to non-vegan ingredients, you can still bake tasty and flavorful vegan pizzas. The secret is to use the proper pizza sauce, add some caramelized onions and roasted garlic, and toss in some roasted and crispy vegetables.

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