It’s official; we’re in the month of dieting. As all the studies keep telling us, January is the time of the year when most diets start.

We’re not going to now dig up all the other stats, which also suggest when these diets finish. Instead, today is all about prolonging those diets and ensuring that your good start to the year continues.

One of the most challenging things you can face while dieting is dining out. The temptations are enormous, and before you know it, you can have undone weeks of hard work (well, it may feel like that anyway).

Bearing this in mind, let’s now look at some of the best tips you can implement if you fall into this category.

Dieting Tips While Dining Out

Research Your Location Carefully

Research your location carefully

We are all for being spontaneous, but unfortunately, you need a degree of practicality when dining out while you are dieting. The research will form part of this process, and understanding exactly where you are heading before you arrive can help you no end.

This isn’t about telling you that McDonald’s is a bad choice. It’s instead about helping you find out the necessary information before you travel so that you can research dishes accordingly. If you’re heading for a brunch at Covent Garden, understand what’s on offer on that menu. If you instead arrive in a fluster and make a rushed choice, you’re much more likely to make bad, unhealthy decisions.

Swap Wine For Water

No, that’s too obvious – hopefully, you’ll know all of the surprising calories that fall in drinks.

Instead, this next point is all about tapping into the benefits of water. Not only does it not contain any calories, but some studies have shown that drinking half a liter of water before a meal makes you consume fewer calories.

Get Your Sauces On The Side

Get your sauces on the side

One of the biggest dieting mistakes at restaurants comes with the so-called healthy meals. In other words, we order a giant salad – but don’t realize the hidden calories in that scrumptious dressing that sits within it.

This is where our next piece of advice comes into play. Whether sauces or dressings, make sure they are placed on the side. This means that the control is given straight back into your hands, and you no longer just eat the sauce “because it’s there”.

The Perils Of The Creamy Sauce

The perils of the creamy sauce

We’re reluctant to start picking out specific foods in this guide, as it’s really designed to be a top-line tips overview to help you keep your dieting on track. However, with more and more restaurants marketing their “creamy” dishes, we couldn’t resist.

Generally speaking, creamy equals unhealthy. Sure, there are exceptions, but always turn towards a vegetable-based sauce (such as a tomato one) if you’re ever given a choice. This is one of the easiest ways to cut calories from your dining, and suffice to say that it will still taste great, particularly in a restaurant.

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