Cornish Pasties are world-famous, but they are far from the only food made in Cornwall. The Cornish people have a long history of making Cornish foods and drink to suit their climate and local produce. From pies to cider, there’s always something new to taste.

If you’re planning a trip to Cornwall, it is worth considering what kind of food you might like to try. The following are some factors you might want to consider.

Where to Go

Where to Go

First, you’ll need to find somewhere that sells Cornish food and drink. Luckily, there are many supermarkets and cafes that stock local products. If you want to get the full experience, you should try visiting the source itself by going on a farm tour or visiting an agricultural show.

Online sales

One of the best ways to buy Cornish foods is online. There are many local producers who sell their goods online, so you can order them from anywhere in the world and have them delivered to your door.

Type of food

Consider what type of Cornish foods you would like to buy. For example, if you fancy a nice bit of fish, then you should head to Padstow where they have some lovely fish restaurants and seafood shops. If you’re after something meatier, then check out the steakhouse in Truro.


You also need to consider your budget as some places can be quite expensive. Padstow is especially pricey as it’s one of the most visited places in Cornwall.

If you need a bit of help deciding where to go, then why not ask a local? You can usually find them hanging around the harbor waiting for their next boat trip or sitting outside one of the many pubs or cafes with their dogs and pasties.


Why opt for Cornish Foods?

The variety of Cornish foods available is very wide. To get the most out of your visit you may want to know what type of food is available, where to find it and when it is in season.

Cornwall’s coastline stretches for over 300 miles. Therefore, it is no surprise that there is a wide variety of seafood available. Many people think that the best fish and chips are sold in Cornwall. There are many traditional fish and chip shops which sell fish fresh from the sea.

Cornwall has many restaurants and cafes which serve local delicacies such as Cornish pasties and cream teas. Cream tea includes scones, jam, and clotted cream. You can also buy these foods in local shops or supermarkets to take away with you.

If you have time for a longer break, why not book into one of Cornwall’s many hotels? Hotels can be found everywhere from city centers to remote villages. Some hotels offer half-board options so as well as accommodation you will also get breakfast and an evening meal included in the price.

Cornwall has a well-deserved reputation for fantastic food, with restaurants, cafes, and pubs all offering amazing dishes using produce from the surrounding countryside and waters. Cornish food is synonymous with quality, variety, and freshness.

The variety of Cornish food

From Michelin-starred restaurants to small family-run pubs, you’ll find a delicious range of dishes on offer. Whether you’re looking for traditional fare or something a bit more unusual there’s something to suit every taste.

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