Are you visiting the Mitten State soon? Are you trying to find the best and most satisfying Michigan dining spots?

Well, we have you covered. From the Upper Peninsula to Detroit and from the east to the west, this guide will guide you to the best local restaurant scene wherever you go in Michigan.

Read on to learn more about the Michigan restaurants you should go to.



If you’re looking for an eclectic experience in Detriot, Easteats offers a different menu each night. From tacos to vegan sandwiches and salads to a cheesesteak, you won’t be disappointed.

To reserve your dining dome, you have to pay $10. You’ll then have to pay for the food you order which ranges in price.


Located in the Marriot in Grand Rapids, Margaux gives you every French vibe you could hope for in western Michigan.

You can choose to walk up to the buffet and grab an omelet or a crepe, or you can order right off the menu. Whichever you choose, the ambience of Margaux will have you relaxed at the most important meal of the day.

11/11 Burgers

This is a Michigan burger joint that you don’t want to miss. 11/11 Burgers has four locations in Eastern Michigan all around the Detroit area.

You can choose to order a mouthwatering burger – classic or customized. If that’s not your vibe, you can order a delicious sandwich or wings and tenders with your choice of sauce.

There’s something for everyone here. Don’t believe us? Check out the menu for yourself at

Muldoon’s Pasties and Gifts

Muldoon's Pasties and Gifts

Since the pastie is a UP staple, this is the place you will want to stop at while in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Curious about what a pastie is? It’s basically a pot pie crossed over with a hot pocket. Crusts are filled with different meats and potatoes to make the perfect pastie.


Another restaurant located in Detoriot, Supergeil offers a menu that you just can’t refuse. Each dish is unique to a different place in the world, like Verschicken Chicken, sticky ribs, the döner kebab, and more.

If you’re also into cocktails, this is the place to go. Supergeil specializes in a variety of gins and tonics including a cherry blossom-infused gin and tonic.

The prices are relatively average to eat here ($11-14 for a sandwich and $8 for starters), but there are some higher-priced entrees that you can choose to order as well.

Try Out These Michigan Restaurants

Try Out These Michigan Restaurants

If you’re just moving to Michigan or are visiting for a while, you’ll want to try at least one of these restaurants. You’ll be ranting and raving about them for years to come.

With this guide, you’ll be hitting up the local restaurant scene instead of accidentally hitting the touristy spots.

Enjoy these tips about Michigan restaurants? Check out more tips and tricks on our blog!

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