A sharp edge is everything when it comes to a knife. With this, knife storage is crucial to preserve its precision and sharpness.

Each type of knife has its proper storage method to preserve its blade and functionality. If you do not properly store your utensils, their edges will become blunt and chipped and likely begin to rust.

If you want to ensure that you are storing your knives safely, you need to consider the do’s and don’ts of knife storage.

1. Sharpen Your Knives Regularly

Blade Style Steak Knives

Maintaining a sharp edge knife is to sharpen them regularly. Depending on how often you use your blades, hone them at least once a month. When sharpening your knives, it is vital to use the correct technique to avoid chipping or grinding your blades unbalanced. Check out these top-of-the-line tips for knife care to get your blades honed.

2. Keep Knives Clean and Dry

Keeping your knives clean and dry is essential to prevent them from rust and corrosion. When not in use, we should know how to store utensils in a dry, clean place, like a kitchen drawer. If you must keep them in a block, make sure the material won’t absorb moisture, like plastic or stainless steel.

3. Use a Magnetic Strip

You can use a magnetic strip to keep them in place and prevent them from becoming dull. Clean the strip regularly to avoid any rubble and dirt from sticking to the strip and the blades. You should also avoid drawers as knife storage as this can damage the sharp edges.

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4. Don’t Leave Your Knives Lying On Surfaces

Many people swear by knife racks, and they honestly make sense if you have the counter space for them. The best way to store knives is in a stand to keep your blades away from contact with other surfaces. This not only protects your knives from getting dull but also prevents them from getting scratched.

5. Don’t Put Them In A Moist Area

If you are storing your knife in a damp place, it is likely that your blade will turn dull. The moisture in the air will cause the metal to corrode, and this will make it difficult for you to sharpen. It is best to store your knife in a dry place, such as a cabinet.

6. Dishwashers Are Not For Knife Storage

As far as sharpness goes, you don’t want to put your knives in the dishwasher, as this can damage the blade. The detergent can harm them and the heat can cause the handle to loosen. Instead, wash them with warm water and soap.

Sharpen Your Knives

Keep Your Blades In Cutting Edge Perfection

Proper knife storage is essential to maintain their longevity and keep them functioning at their best. Sharpening them regularly and keeping blades clean and dry will maintain a sharp edge.

Use caution when handling your blades, and always store them safely out of the reach of children.

Want to learn more about storing knives safely? Keep reading to find out how to take care of your knives.

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