In Singapore, wine is a delicacy which has been perfected over many years, which is why there are so many different companies are out there selling the product.

Best Online Wine Stores

Sometimes, it can be difficult as a buyer to find a retailer who sells a good-quality wine within your price range but look no further, as this is the guide on where to buy wine online in Singapore. Whether you are looking for cheap or high-end, big franchise or small family business.

This article will give you the top 5 online wine stores companies in the country. Do you know how to store wine? Keep reading to store wine.

Wines Online

This company is internationally-recognised for its good value for money wines. It is one of the biggest online alcohol franchises in Singapore and offers everything from $10 chardonnay to $150 champagne. If you are looking for well-known brands and a large selection of red, white, sparkling and dessert wines that can be delivered to your doorstep in Singapore within a week (and for a relatively low price), then Wines Online is the store for you!

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Crystal Wines

Crystal wines is another big franchise, however, it is well-known as one of the most trustworthy delivery businesses in Singapore. The company has been selling alcohol for over 20 years and is popular particularly with wine enthusiasts looking for a top-end product. Crystal wines do sell at quite a hefty price, but it is justified, as the company offers an extraordinary range of specialist, unique wines, from countries all across the globe.

The business does have a physical store in Valley Point, where thousands of wines are stored, however, this doesn’t mean to say that their online selection is not as impressive. Every wine that is sold in-store is also available for purchase online.

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The Straits Wine Company

The Straits Wine Company is not the run-of-the-mill franchise you might expect. Although the business is one of Asia’s largest wine retailer and distributors, it prides itself on only selling the best artisan and boutique wines available. As it is based online, The Straits Wine Company is perfect for people of any wine-tasting level, as the website provides all the information, such as grape variety, region etc, you would need for a tasting. The wines come at quite a high price, but the company guarantees that every bottle has been quality control checked and only the finest cases are put up for purchase.


This is a small, family-run business which delivers top-quality wines at reasonable prices. Petersons is relatively new, as it has only been selling since 2017, but the great thing about a small boutique business is that their top priority is the customer. Either in-store or online, you can get personal recommendations from friendly staff and enjoy free delivery when you buy six bottles or more!

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The Wine Stable

Finally, The Wine Stable is a great company for cheap wine. They sell relatively-good quality alcohol at low prices and offer free delivery on orders over $80. If you are someone who is simply looking for a decent bottle of online wine stores that can be bought online, rather than supreme-quality tasting wine, then The Wine Stable is the perfect company for you! Get more drinks related contents from our website by reading more.

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