I will be the first to admit that I was very skeptical of sous vide cooking and cooking Sous Vide Steak. For those not familiar with this method, you basically cook a piece of food in this case steak in a vacuum sealed plastic bag in low temperature water for a long period of time, which both cooks food evenly at a perfect level of done-ness and retains juice and flavor.

Sous Vide Steak Recipes – Honestly YUMMY-Honestly Sous Vide Steak Done Right

The whole thing always seemed like a lot work and extra equipment I didn’t have time or room in my kitchen for. But, sous vide machines nowadays are sleeker, smaller and technologically savvy for Sous Vide Steak Recipes.


The machine itself is a small stick that you can place in a container or pot that you already have. You do need special sous vide steak equipment in addition to the sous vide machine itself — sous vide bags and a vacuum pump. There are plenty of options on Amazon, but these are the ones I used.

I use a Joule and it syncs up to an app on your phone via bluetooth so once you place the food in water, the app calculates the time required (depending on what you’re cooking) and keeps a timer for you. In full disclosure, Joule sent me this machine, but I absolutely fell in love with it– I don’t think I’ve ever cooked this much steak.

Each Sous Vide just consistently turned out so juicy, tender and evenly cooked. I couldn’t believe I went this long without sous vide or had never tried Sous Vide Steak Recipes! And it’s a very forgiving method of cooking– you really can’t F this up.

I am a total sous vide convert and today I’m sharing with you how to sous vide a ribeye steak. Some people have recipes that add aromatics or seasoning to the steak in the cooking process but I love just a simple salt and pepper (and truly, you don’t need anything else when you’re using this cooking method for preparing steak Sous vide style) and different condiments and sauces like fresh horseradish, sesame oil, something spicy like Crunch Dynasty or yuzu kosho— hands down my favorite condiment to eat with sous vide!

Sous Vide Steak Make the perfect steak with Sous Vide

Servings: 1 person INGREDIENTS 1 1 1/2 to 2 pound ribeye bone-in steak (frenched, optional) grapeseed or vegetable oil kosher or sea salt freshly ground black pepper flake sea salt 1 piece fresh horseradish (condiment) sesame oil (condiment) yuzu kosho (condiment) INSTRUCTIONS Season both sides of the steak generously with kosher salt and pepper. Place the steak in the plastic sous vide bag and seal the bag with the vacuum sealer. Place the steak in a container of water or pot of water.

Turn on your Chefsteps Joule sous vide machine and place it in the pot of water so it is fully submerged. The app will time the cook time for you for based on weight of the steak. If your machine doesn’t automate this, use the chart in the link below under “Notes” Remove the Sous Vide Steak Recipes after it is finished cooking and pat dry with paper towels.

Place a Cast Iron Skillet on Your Grill

Close the lid and preheat a grill with all burners on high for 15 minutes or until the grill is extremely hot. You can also sear your sous vide on a stove top but it gets pretty smokey, hot and messy so I prefer to use my grill. The grill also gets much hotter than your cooktop.

Sprinkle a little flake salt and pepper on the steak. Open the lid and quickly pour a couple tablespoons of oil in the skillet and immediately place the steak on the skillet. Cook each side for 1-2 minutes until a deep brown sear forms. Using tongs sear the outside edge of the steak as well. Transfer to a cutting board and slice. Serve with the various condiments– grated horseradish, sesame oil, flake sea salt and yuzu kosho.

Sous Vide Steak
sous vide steak

Your email brought me back to this post, and I’m hungry for lunch already!

I am so glad you did a recipe with sous vide. Recently purchased it but haven’t used it yet. Now you have given me confidence to use it. Can do give us a chicken recipe? Thanks!

Yes, definitely should do a chicken one– it’s so easy!

This recipe is exactly what i needed! This sous vide steak looks SO GOOD!! Thanks for SARING!!!

– Peter

I’ve been thinking about getting a sous vide machine for ages but my husband is against me getting more kitchen appliances, this recipe is exactly what i needed to convince him and I’m sure he’ll love sous vide steak! thanks for sharing!!

Sous Vide Ribeye Steaks With Spicy Salsa Verde Recipe – NYT Cooking

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  • By Mark Bittman
  • 20 minutes
  • Bhatti da Murgh (Indian Grilled Chicken With Whole Spices)
  • By Melissa Clark
  • 1 1/2 hours, plus marinating
  • Citrusy Brisket With Spring Lettuces
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From: honestlyyum.com

Sous Vide Steak • ChefSteps – YouTube

I’ve always given the Sous Vide Steak Recipes method of cooking a bit of the side-eye. It seems both highly scientific—something only done in fancy, high-end fine dining restaurants—AND also slightly unsafe. I mean, you’re leaving a piece of food out in a warm water bath, and you don’t expect weird food borne illnesses to result?

But then I went to my friend Steve’s house, and he served me steak—sous vide steak. Steve is not a man who normally cooks; he once showed up at a potluck with a large paper bag of fast food fries. But he is a chemical engineer and sold me on sous vide in general, along with making steak this way. It is just that safe and that easy!

Sous vide steak, it turns out, is the gateway to using the sous vide cooking method.

Don’t be fooled by the fancy name: Sous vide is simpler than you think. Here are the basic steps:

Step One: Pick out your steak that you are going to sous vide and the seasonings.

Step two: Vacuum seal the meat with seasonings in the plastic bag.

Step three is where the magic happens. Turn on the Chefsteps Joule machine, add the steak in the water bath and let the cooking begin. You get complete control on your steak becoming medium rare, for example, without any guesswork or risk of overcooking or undercooking.

And you have a window of two to three hours after the sous vide steak is cooked in which it can sit in the water bath until you’re ready to reverse sear and serve. After that point, the meat protein breaks down and goes mushy.

Any steak works with sous vide, so pick a cut of meat that you enjoy the most. My personal favorite steak is the ribeye, which has a nice marbling of fat and a robust meatiness.

Since we’re doing a reverse sear, I recommend a thicker steak, one that is at least 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick. This allows you to do a proper reverse sear and not have to worry about cooking the inside of the steak any more.

You can sous vide thinner cuts of meat as well, like the skirt steak, flap steak, or hanger steak, but those are harder to reverse sear, as they are so thin that the interior of the meat starts to cook as well. Personally, I’d stick with the ribeye, New York strip, or filet.

You can make as many Sous Vide Steak Recipes as you can comfortably fit in your water bath!

From: cooking.nytimes.com

sous vide steak
Chefsteps Joule Bluetooth


Tenderloin is expensive but is a great piece of meat for a Sous Vide Steak. Make the most of your pricey premium cut by cooking it sous vide, then finishing with a quick sear on the stove. chfstps.co/2klmUAG

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  • Joule Sous Vide Cooker
  • Anova Precision Cooker WiFi
  • Sous Vide Supreme
  • Sansaire Sous Vide Circulator
  • Sous Vide Container
  • Sous Vide Container Cover
  • Best Chamber Sealer
  • Cheap Suction Sealer
  • Chamber Bags
  • Suction Bags
  • Bag Holder
  • Mini Weight
  • Pepper Grinder
  • Mini Hook Clips
  • Large Clips
  • Rib Rack
  • Stainless Steel Searing Circle Grate
  • Grate Inside Container (mine is 10×15)
  • Rack System Lifter
  • Sous Vide Rack System

(Choose the right size for you)


  • Torch
  • Searzall (Heating Lamp)
  • Touch Gas


  • Searing Grates
  • Round Elevated Grate


  • LIPAVI Damascus Chefs Knife
  • LIPAVI Damascus Santoku
  • Chef’s Knife
  • Chef’s Knife Japanese
  • Sushi Knife
  • Butcher’s Knife
  • Long Carving Knife
  • Electric Knife Battery
  • Cleaver
  • Nicer Cleaver


  • Smoker
  • Wood Pellets
  • Charcoal Grill
  • Weber Griddle 1/2 Moon
  • Cast Iron Griddle Round
  • Heat Resistant Glove


  • Blender
  • Cutting & Serving Board
  • Color Prep Board
  • Granite Cutting Board
  • Food Grade Gloves
  • Bundt Cake Glass Pan
  • Glass Mason Jars 8 Oz.
  • Glass Mason Jars 4 Oz.
  • Glass 7 Cup with Lid Container Kit
  • Tongs Tweezers
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