When it comes to a good day, it usually starts with a good morning. Starting your day is simpler than you think. With minimal prep, your mornings will be a breeze whether you’re a night owl or an early morning bird. Here are 6 simple ways to start your day off better.

6 Simple Ways to Start Your Day off Better

Start at the end

It might sound like a strange concept; however, starting at the end of your day is the key to having a better day. At the end of each day, make a quick note of what you need to do the following day. A simple to-do list will help you visualize your tasks and map your day out.

With your day mapped out, it cuts the early morning frazzled panic over everything you need to get done. A to-do list will also increase productivity! Do yourself a favor and do the dishes, spot tidy the house. Waking up in a fresh and clean home is an excellent way to start your day off right.

Getting to bed at a decent hour is also wildly beneficial to a healthy mindset and a better day. Most adults should aim for 7-8 hours of quality shut-eye. A well-rested adult makes for a much better day.

Rise with the alarm

Rise with the alarm

We all know that feeling of silencing the alarm clock, that snooze that feels like the best sleep you’ve ever had. Studies have shown that people that get up with their alarm and out of bed are more likely to have a productive day. Awaking and getting out of bed, even if it is to make coffee, helps keep you awake and more alert.

That 10-minute snooze can contribute to feelings of grogginess when you eventually do get out of bed. If you need to be awake and functional, try to set one alarm and rise with it. Many little alarms run the risk of startling your heart and disrupting your sleep. Try a melodic upbeat alarm tune that kick starts your day on a happy note.

Wake up and grind some beans

Wake up and grind some beans

When it comes to getting ready for the day, coffee truly makes the world go round. Whether you need it as a quick, pick me up or only as a way to get the morning started while brushing the sleep from your eyes.

A good quality coffee made from freshly ground beans is an excellent way to start your morning. Grinding your coffee yourself first thing in the morning is a great way to ensure your coffee tastes good. Consider investing in a quality coffee machine or a pour-over coffee maker like the one from Uno Casa.

Get your bend on

Starting your morning with a quick yoga or stretch routine can help you feel more alert and awake. It doesn’t have to be a hair-raising sweat-inducing HIIT session to be effective. A simple 10-minute yoga sequence will help banish last-minute sleepiness and help your body get into gear. And in this pandemic, an online yoga center like Sweat & Tonic Yoga Studio can help you.

Starting in a positive space and adding 10 minutes to meditate can help you get through your day and increase productivity. Adding some quiet exercise time to your morning routine before breakfast has been proven to make your day better.

The fresher, the better

When it comes to feeling fresh, if you wake up feeling groggy, a quick shower and a glass of water with lemon quarters or juice, first thing in the morning is beneficial. Lemon water stimulates digestion and gets your body going. However, this dentist in Ballantyne warns you shouldn’t use too much lemon, otherwise drinking lemon water every day will be harmful to your teeth.

A breakfast of fresh fruit or a light yet nutritious meal has been proven to help start the day right. Keeping your meal light and lower in heavy carbs, such as potatoes, is one way of keeping your energy from hitting a midday carb slump. Avocado on Rye is a great breakfast idea.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

Water is the secret to a happy and healthy life. If you are not one to eat first thing in the morning, try eating once you get to your desk, or grab a smoothie. Fresh fruit gives you the energy needed for the day ahead—another trick to feeling fresh from morning till night is staying hydrated.

For some people, water doesn’t quite hit the spot. Try adding some citrus fruits, or strawberry slices, and mint leaves to your jug. Waking up, dehydrated can cause feelings of irritation, bloating, and cause apathy.

Happiness is all that matters

Whether your happiness comes from drinking a pumpkin spice iced latte or a 6 am kitchen dance party in your PJ’s, that is how you should start the day. As long as you are getting quality enough sleep, staying hydrated by drinking fresh water, and remembering to fill your cup, you might just become a morning person.

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