You don’t have to visit a pub to enjoy a Seltzer and if you’re trying to consume healthier drinks, then this carbonated water will appeal to you. Carbonated water drinks, seltzer, and sparkling water are the in-thing now and that’s because they are a healthier alternative to soda or sports drinks.

You just have to know the source of your seltzer water because not all carbonated water drinks are the same, and some contain added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Know what your seltzer really is

Seltzer ratings and reviews

Seltzer ratings and reviews are therefore important when you’re looking to see how many calories are in seltzer, whether it’s a hard seltzer as well as other details.

People are inclined to get a bit mixed up between Club soda and Seltzer. They are similar but in addition to CO2, other minerals are added. However, if one of these drinks is unavailable, the other one can easily be substituted for the other – that’s how similar they are.

The simplest of the carbonated waters

Seltzer, however, is the most simple of these waters and that is precisely what its appeal is. It is made by carbonating regular water with carbon dioxide. Sometimes seltzer water is flavored making use of natural fruit essences.

Certainly, the sales of seltzer are up as many people try to kick their soda drinking habits and resort to something more healthy.  In fact, dietitians will tell you that there are good brand names that bring out seltzer that is free from any added sugar and sodium and that they come out in lots of amazing fruit flavors to choose from.

Seltzer and sparkling water are essentially one and the same thing – water that has been carbonated or made bubbly with carbon dioxide. There are some seltzer drinkers that will tell you that’s it’s important to only drink organic seltzers. They believe that some of the other brands have chemically derived water in them.

Hard seltzer

Then you get hard seltzer and its water with bubbles but it has alcohol in it. The alcohol in the seltzer can differ too. It is essentially fermented cane sugar with some fruit flavors added in, but other times it uses malted barley. The alcohol content of these hard seltzers is between 4 and 6 % alcohol by volume which makes it much the same as a light beer.

The best carbonated drink when you’re watching calories

The secret to drinking seltzer is to simply read the labels. With the flavored seltzer particularly, you can’t always be sure what you’re getting, and ‘natural flavor’ is a hot debate because it is thought it doesn’t hint at what processes were involved.

In any event, seltzer is the best sparkling beverage choice when you watching calories, and that’s just about all of us – those looking for a calorie-free, sugar-free refreshing drink.

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