A tourism campaign in Upstate New York has announced the return of the great American road trip, and locals are hoping that longing for travel, together with seafood craving, will bring people to the North East this year. Taking a road trip from Maine to Maryland is a great way to explore the region, and indulge in seafood delicacies from lobster ice cream in Bar Harbor to first-class sushi in New York, one of the world’s top destinations for a food vacation.

Dishes To Try To satisfy Your Seafood Craving

Tasting Local Lobster In Maine

Tasting Local Lobster in Maine

Driving directly from Maine to Maryland only takes around 10 hours, but with detours to local farm shops and wine tasting tours, an indulgent foodie road trip can easily be spread over a few days. For a relaxing drive, look for a quiet, comfortable vehicle with good fuel economy and range. A small pickup will not only give you more room for your personal belongings but could be useful when you decide to fill your truck with local produce from a Farmers’ Market held during the summer months in Bar Harbor. Make this picturesque town filled with seafood restaurants the starting point of your trip. As well as the farm produce, check out the seafood market selling locally caught fish, shellfish, and crustacea. Of course, buying raw fish isn’t very practical while you’re on the road but, if you get to the market early enough, you may be able to pick up a whole hot cooked lobster to eat on the beach with a picnic. After refreshing your taste buds with the local specialty, lobster ice cream hit the road and head for Massachusetts.

From New England Clam Chowder To Japanese Sushi

From New England Clam Chowder to Japanese Sushi

Here you should visit a waterfront restaurant in Cape Cod to eat creamy clam chowder while enjoying the view over the harbor. Alternatively, there are a growing number of food trucks in the Cape offering takeaway food such as fish and chips, deep-fried scallops, or lobster rolls. You can pair these seafood delicacies with a glass of crisp, white wine from New England’s largest vineyard situated in Westport, where you can taste the different varieties in the winery store. For a change of pace and cuisine, take the I-95 to New York to explore some of the best sushi restaurants in America. Choose omakase for a more formal dining experience, where a chef will present you with their own extravagant selection of fish specialties. Or, as you get ready to leave for the next leg of your journey, simply pick up a classic sushi roll or ready-made bento box to eat on the go.

Iconic Blue Crabs In Chesapeake Bay

Iconic Blue Crabs in Chesapeake Bay

To end your trip, head to Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. The town is well known for its iconic blue crabs, and the local waters yield around half of the country’s blue crab harvest. In Maryland, crabs are traditionally steamed rather than boiled to avoid the meat becoming too moist. The season runs from April to November when the heaviest crabs are harvested, but from May to September you may get a chance to order a soft shell crab, a crab that has molted its hard shell in the past 12 hours. This makes them a particular delicacy as, after they have been sauteed in butter or fried in batter, they can then be eaten whole.

Taking a road trip along the North East coast is a great way for seafood lovers to indulge their passion for seafood craving. Driving gives you the freedom to stop off and find the best fish restaurants, discover homegrown delicacies and taste delicious regional wine.

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