History has always suggested that people go after marvelous things. Be it artifacts, foods, or even wine, especially wine. The thousand-year-old delicacy that rumbles people’s minds is wine. One particular one stands out from this crowd. It is crowned the First Super Tuscan. Celebrities like Obama, George Clooney, go by its name when it comes to choosing a wine. It is the Sassicaia wine.

Born out of love and experiment, Sassicaia has seen a lot in years. It is a fighter, like its creator Mario Incisa. It just didn’t pop up and got its fame. It had to go through a blind taste test to show its worthiness. Even after that, it wasn’t accepted as much, only because it isn’t made out the traditional way, with traditional ingredients. But with time, everything changed. Now, Sassicaia celebrates its Fifty-years as the First Super Tuscan.

A Humble Celebration For A Bold Wine

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As humble as her ancestor, co-owner, and granddaughter of Mario Incisa, Priscilla Incisa Della Rocchetta explains the plans for the fifty-year renovation. Unveiling the 2018 vintage of Sassicaia, Priscilla says that it is a fitting tribute to the Super Tuscan itself.

The fifty-year celebration of the Sassicaia wine includes renovating a part of Tenuta San Guido itself. Bringing life to the old buildings, the brick building place, and putting up new cellars for the wine barrels is what it consists of. The family-owned state is vast. More than 2550 hectares of land are occupied in various works. It includes vineyards, horse training, and horse stables, miles and miles of forest, wildlife, and roads. However, the family mostly keeps it to themselves. And there won’t be any public opening or function for the fifty-year celebration of the Sassicaia wine. So just the revealing of the 2018 vintage makes a lot for the time being.

Types Of Wine

Sassicaia was initially made as a family wine. But when Giacomo Tachis perfected it, it took a new turn. Mario’s cousin Piero Antinori was one of the influencers to sell it to the market. And off it went in 1975 with its 1968 vintage. It never looked back after that. Everything came a long way after that. The grape breed is now called their own all over Italy. In their words, who knows where the first one went to the French? Maybe it isn’t even French! Thus, the legendary tales symbolize the drink itself – clear, bold, and open for everyone.

Revealing The 2018 Vintage As A Celebration

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The 2018 vintage has its unique taste as usual. It is dark red and resembles the taste of blackberry, herbs, and citrus. And the perfect amount of tannins that everyone expects from a Sassicaia wine. It ends with a bit of salinity to complement the coast of Italy.

A reasonably new Sassicaia wine is the 2018 vintage, which is okay to drink now. But if you age it for another 20 years or so, it will be another masterpiece. The number eight is lucky for the label, anyways.

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