Dining out at a favorite restaurant is an indulgence that many couples appreciate on their anniversary. This is a chance to try new dishes whilst enjoying a conversation about the year past and the year to come. Adding a candlelit ambience makes it the romantic anniversary dinner than regular date nights out. Couples can then walk away from a fine meal without any concerns about clearing up. If you are in Missouri, try to visit Branson restaurants for a well-deserved time spent with each other.

Remember a gift

Remember a gift

Whilst going out for a romantic dinner is a beautiful way to celebrate a year of marriage, a gift will act as a memento of your night. Consider some of these anniversary gifts for husbands and link your present with the traditional materials that mark each year from paper to mark the first anniversary and the 80th anniversary marked by gold. You can also use the traditional list of colors, gems, and flowers to guide you with regard to gift ideas. Or, you can give them a gift after the date. For example, you can take plenty of pictures that night and turn them into a romantic photo book.

Experience gifts

In the lead-up to your anniversary, make a note of the things you notice about your husband that could lead you to surprise him with a perfect gift. There may be a sporting event, a concert, or theatre production happening locally that he would love to go to.

You could surprise him with a vacation if something is happening somewhere you could both take a city break. You may notice he needs a new set of earbuds or noise-canceling headphones, that he has circled an advert for an item of clothing etc. He will be so impressed that you have cared enough to notice and that you love him enough to want to meet his needs.

Special ideas for your romantic anniversary dinner

Special ideas for your romantic anniversary dinner

These ideas are for a romantic anniversary dinner at a restaurant but they can be adapted for a romantic meal at home where you can dim the lights, have dinner delivered have your own playlist in the background, to include your “first dance” song which you can dance to between courses, perhaps taking dessert upstairs.

Send an invitation

The perfect romantic anniversary dinner can be made special with some planning. Create an invitation in the same style as your original wedding invitation requesting the pleasure of your husband’s company at your planned dinner, whether at home or a restaurant. Send the invitation a few days in advance to build anticipation.

Sleepover for the kids

If you can, take the day off work. This could become a tradition that you repeat each year to acknowledge the anniversary as important and worthy of celebration. Arrange for your children to have a sleepover with friends or with grandparents so that you have an entire day and night together as a couple rather than as parents or other roles you have in life.

Personalize the menu

Personalise the menu

Book a table at the restaurant that you went to on your first date out for a meal. If this is not possible, choose a restaurant with a similar menu. Arrange with the restaurant to accept an arrangement of flowers that mirror those you had at your wedding, ensure his favorite wine or beer is available on the day, or find some other personal touch that the restaurant can put together for a romantic anniversary dinner.

Leave technology at home

If you need to have your phone because of the children, make sure that you leave them alone so your focus on your husband is not distracted. Turn off notifications so you are not disturbed. You do not need to post a photograph of your meal on Instagram or look at what friends are posting online.

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