Restaurant vent hood cleaning is an integral part of keeping your kitchen clean and safe. Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) are serious health hazards that can lead to severe illness if not taken care of properly. Vent hoods collect this debris as it rises up from deep fryers and other cooking equipment in the kitchen below them. If left unchecked for long periods, these vents will become choked with dangerous FOG levels, which will eventually cause a fire or release toxic fumes into the air.

In this article, we discuss five tips for restaurant vent hood cleaning that will help keep fats, oil, and grease out of your kitchen:

1. Restaurant vent hood cleaning should be done more often

Restaurant vent hood cleaning should be done more often

Vent hoods should be cleaned more often than most people assume. The best way to keep FOG out of your kitchen is by cleaning the vents every two weeks or at least twice a month. The best way to clean your vents is by using an aerosol-based professional strength degreaser that will cut through the FOG with ease and remove it from the surface of the vent as quickly as possible.

When you are done cleaning your vent hoods, make sure to turn on the exhaust fans to clear the air and prevent fumes from lingering for too long. This is also an excellent time to take inventory of any parts that may need replacement or repairs because it will be much easier to see when all of the grease has been removed.

The primary use of filters in the vent hood is to capture the FOG as it rises from the kitchen below. Restaurant vent hood filters come in various types and styles, each designed to catch specific sizes or shapes of particles that will rise through your ventilation system. For guidance on which type is best, go through the Hood filter handbook.

When you are checking filters, make sure to check the correct number of them as well. Different systems will require different numbers of filters depending on how much air is being pushed through them and what type of ventilation system they are attached to. A good rule for most kitchens is that there needs to be one filter per 100 CFM (cubic feet per minute) the hood fan pulls up into itself.

3. Invest in duct access doors

Invest in duct access doors

Having easy access to the inside of your restaurant vent hood is a vital part of making sure that you clean it thoroughly and regularly without having too much trouble. With these doors, you will be able to remove fats, oils, and grease that build up on walls, ceilings, and fans quickly and easily. By so doing, you will reduce the probability of duct fire.

Duct access doors are typically built from stainless steel, so they will not corrode or rust easily no matter how much moisture is present in your kitchen. They also have a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that makes it simple for you and any restaurant staff members to open them up and peek inside without having too much trouble.

However, there should be very little reason why anyone needs to look into the hood because these duct access doors come equipped with filters just like those found on the exterior of each vent hood, as well as grease extractors located right next door.

4. Have an exhaust fan access panel in your vent hood

Many restaurant vent hoods come with an access panel in order to maintain and clean them quickly and easily. If one does not, you can always add an exhaust fan access panel yourself because it’s simple to do and will allow you to pop out the entire interior of your ventilation system whenever necessary. Exhaust fan access ports are highly affordable, and their installation process is relatively simple and straightforward.

Because there is a filter located right next to the exhaust fan access panel, it should be very easy for you or your staff members to clean out any grease that builds up around this area at least once per week when doing routine hood cleaning. Having this in your vent hood will give you peace of mind because it prevents grease-related problems like fire or even explosions from occurring.

5. Install an exhaust fan hinge kit

Install an exhaust fan hinge kit

To ensure the proper functioning of your restaurant vent hood, you will want to make sure that its fan can operate efficiently and it’s not hindered by anything. Installing an exhaust fan hinge kit is a great way for you to do this because they are explicitly designed to allow your ventilation system access points like duct access doors, filters, grease extractors, and more.

With these hinges in place, there should be no reason why anyone needs to remove any paneling or other components on the exterior of their ventilation system unless absolutely necessary. This saves time as well as money for both yourself and the company that maintains your ventilation equipment from having extra services rendered due to avoidable issues caused by poorly maintained units.


If you follow these five tips for maintaining your restaurant vent hood, you will be able to prevent fires and explosions from ever becoming an issue as well as keeping it clean.

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