Do you love mouth-watering Asian food? If so, you are not the only one.

Over the past few decades, it seems like all types of Asian food can be found in almost every city and town in the Western world. From spicy Thai curry to Laotian sticky rice, sourcing Asain food in the West seems to be getting easier by the day.

But what is it that so many Westerners love about these Asian dishes?

Here Are Some Of The Reasons So Many People Adore Asian Cuisine

1. Choice


When people in the West first experimented with Asian food, they often began their culinary journey with Chinese food. Genuine Chinese restaurants based in China at the end of the nineteenth century started growing in popularity among people visiting the country from around the globe.

Lots of Chinese entrepreneurs noticed that people of diverse ethnic backgrounds enjoyed eating their local food and were willing to spend their hard-earned cash on their cuisine. These entrepreneurs decided to set up shop in the US. By the time the 1980s came around, you could find a Chinese restaurant in every major city in America.

Although Chinese restaurants are still extremely popular in America, you will also find Thai, Japanese, Korean and Indian restaurants throughout the United States. You will find these restaurants on high streets, in hotels, and even in a traditional casino.

Asia is a large continent and it includes several cuisines. Southeast and East Asian foods are the most popular in the West, however, other cuisines originate from Asia that are also growing in popularity.

2. Home Chefs Love Experimenting With Asian Food

Cooking Asian food properly can prove challenging. Even well-known professional chefs like Gordan Ramsey, sometimes struggle to make great-tasting Asian dishes. Home chefs that enjoy challenging themselves are known to try making Asian cuisine from scratch. A lot can go wrong in the process, which is all part of the fun.

Cooking Asian dishes allows home chefs to cook with herbs and spices they wouldn’t normally use. Adding spicy chilies to a typical Western meal could ruin the dish, which is the opposite when cooking a lot of Asian food. Going outside of the chef’s comfort zone can add to the enjoyment of cooking foreign food.

3. Asian Food Is Readily Available

Readily Available

During the pandemic, ordering take-outs became part of the new normal for a lot of folks living in the West. Even those who would rarely order food from restaurants were doing so. This gave a lot of people the opportunity to try new dishes. Lots of top Asian restaurants that provided a delivery service were extremely successful during these unprecedented times.

Thanks to modern technology, ordering Asian food is child’s play. There are tons of eating-out apps available. Customers can log in, and order directly from their smart devices or computers. You can find out information about the different cuisines online, and you can read reviews posted by genuine customers to get an insight into what the food is like. However, if you like, you can still go down the old-fashioned route by calling the restaurant to place your order.

4. A Lot Of Asian Dishes Are Good For Your Health

Although most of us try to maintain a healthy diet, it’s easier said than done. Although you can find lots of fried Asian meals that are covered in unhealthy sauces, there are plenty of healthier options readily available too. Those wanting to maintain a clean diet can do so by ordering food like nutritious broths, plain rice, and steamed vegetables.

A lot of Asian dishes are packed with nutrients. People of all ages love eating Asian food, and if you are trying to encourage young people to eat healthier food in your household, introducing them to Asian food might help. Trying to find great-tasting meals that are good for your health isn’t easy, but there are lots of Asian dishes out there that are worth trying out!

5. Most Asian Food Is Budget-Friendly


Although top Asian restaurants are known to charge their clientele top-dollar, there are lots of other Asian restaurants that don’t overcharge. You can purchase a finger-licking meal without breaking the bank, and don’t be surprised if the size of the meal is bigger than you were expecting.

If you are on a tight budget, and you live in an area with a large Asian community, consider trying out the food in some of the local restaurants the local Asian people eat at. For example, in certain cities in Canada, you will find a large Vietnamese population. You will find incredible Vietnamese dishes for only a few bucks!

6. Westerners Love To Travel To Asia

Before the pandemic began, Westerners loved visiting Asia. Some would go to visit the Great Wall of China, while others visited the picturesque islands in Thailand. Whatever motivated travelers to Asia, each one will have experienced Asian dishes at some stage, whether it was street food from a local market, or a meal at a top Asian restaurant.

People often fell in love with local food while traveling in Asia. When they arrived back home, many of them would try to source the ingredients needed to make the meal or looked for a restaurant serving the same dishes.

At present, most Asian countries have strict Covid-19 restrictions. Most travelers have opted to visit other continents in the meantime due to these rules most Asian countries have in place. Most countries are expected to open without mandatory quarantine by the end of 2022, or early 2023.

7. Lots Of Asian Cookbooks On The Web

You don’t have to spend a small fortune on Asian cookbooks. Instead, you can find lots of recipes on the internet. If you are looking to cook an exciting Asian dish, why not see what major search engines like Google have to offer.

You will find several cooking tutorials on popular streaming platforms like YouTube too. If you are new to cooking Asian food, these tutorials might help you cook the ingredients.

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