Having motivated and happy employees should be a priority of any business. This is especially important in today’s competitive foodservice industry, where customers have an abundance of dining choices to choose from. However, this can be a real challenge for this sector because restaurant employees often work long hours, under intense pressure, and with little recognition.

Another concern that restaurant employees face daily is the threat of accidents from customer takeaways. These may be in the form of fryer accidents or pizza allergens. To ease these burdens, some restaurants get takeaway insurance for their products.

Ways To Raising Restaurant Employee Morale

High employee morale in restaurants can be challenging to maintain. However, you’ll find it much easier to maintain a happy and motivated team in these six steps.

1. Delegate Responsibility To Keep Them Involved And Engaged

Delegate Responsibility To Keep Them Involved And Engaged

Restaurant employees thrive when they have a sense of ownership in what’s happening around them. Giving your team members specific tasks and responsibilities to keep them engaged and active can make them feel more important and provide them with a sense of purpose within their work. Thus, whether employees work as dishwashers and line cooks, you may want to make sure they understand their role in the restaurant’s success.

Before this, make sure you properly train your team members on their tasks and responsibilities. For example, if you’re starting a seafood business online, it might be good to have employees trained for government licenses and permits, while some are on the marketing side of the business.  This training can ensure that everyone is clear on what needs to be done and can help to avoid any confusion or conflict.

2. Treat Them With Respect And Dignity As People

Many restaurant employees are usually tired from the consistent demand of customers and their work. They may even feel disheartened when they aren’t listened to or treated with respect. Therefore, an excellent way to keep your employees happy is to listen to them and show that you respect their opinions.

When your staff feels like they’re being heard, it can result in an incredible boost in morale. Keep in mind to treat all of your staff members with the same level of care.

3. Encourage Them With Positive Reinforcement

Encourage Them With Positive Reinforcement

Everyone loves positive reinforcement, especially in the workplace. Restaurant employees are no different. When they achieve a goal, no matter how small it may be, praise them for their efforts. This will help boost morale and encourage your employees to continue pushing forward.

But what type of reinforcement should you use? For one, you may try using tangible rewards such as gift cards, bonus pay, or a particular parking spot. If your restaurant offers employee discounts, you may also give them a discount for a meal they enjoy outside of work. Lastly, you may want to consider giving employees a pin, plaque, or other types of recognition for a job well done. By understanding how reinforcement works, you’re able to get the behaviour you want to get repeated.

4. Avoid Micromanaging

At first, micromanaging your restaurant team may seem like a good idea, but it can harm staff morale. Not only does it show that you don’t trust them to do their job, but it also makes them feel as though they’re not competent enough to handle the task at hand.

By letting employees do their jobs without the constant need to check in on them, you’re not only encouraging independence and a sense of responsibility. You’ll also find it much easier to keep employees motivated and happy.

5. Hold Company-Wide Meetings

Employee morale is higher when they have a sense of what’s going on around them. A good way to do this is by holding company-wide meetings to let your employees know the changes, announcements, and more. Regularly scheduled meetings will keep everyone up to date on the restaurant’s goings-on and allow them to voice concerns or ask questions.

It may even be a good idea to invite your restaurant’s suppliers or other foodservice industry members to give presentations every once in a while. This will help broaden your employees’ knowledge of the industry and keep them up-to-date on the latest trends.

6. Let Them Have Fun

Let Them Have Fun

Working in a restaurant is a hard job, so it’s important to remember to have fun. This can be done by organizing social events for your employees, such as a company picnic or holiday party. If your restaurant is located in a tourist area, you could arrange group tours of local attractions.

Whatever activity it is, the key is to find ways to let your employees relax and enjoy themselves outside of work. This will help them destress and recharge, which can make them happier and more productive when they’re at work.


There are many benefits to keeping employee morale high in a restaurant. Not only will it lead to a more productive and positive work environment, but it can also help to attract and retain talented employees. Using some of the tips above, you can create a workplace that your employees will be excited to come to each day.

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