Taking a trip to Edinburgh? So, are you planning a stay in one of the gorgeous hotels in Edinburgh? Perhaps, you live in Edinburgh? Are you looking for a good place to eat In Edinburgh?

Here Are Listed Places to Eat in Edinburgh

1. Spry Wines

Spry Wines

Here, you can enjoy a wonderful small selection of natural wines both in bottle and glass. Even better, you can enjoy savory plates of seasonal pickles as well as hearty dumplings available in a parmesan broth. The outstanding interior décor in this gem is attributable to Izat Arundell, previously featured in ‘My Modern House’ series. If you are looking for accommodation or a bed and breakfast, you can also enjoy their Porteous Studio with the same enticing aesthetic.

2. The Little Chartroom

Roberta Hall-McCarron is the heart and brain behind this amazing place. The restaurant recently opened a new outpost in Leith. Here, you can bask in the white and blue interior, attributable to Studio Niro drawing inspiration from the surrounding coastline. This simple restaurant comes with refined dishes such as horseradish, apple and beetroot. Even better, you can enjoy cod with squash and clams too.

3. Timberyard


A family-owned restaurant, thanks to the Radford family, here you can enjoy seasonal and Nordic-inspired food prepared using local ingredients. Whether you are looking for partridge with pear and spruce or a turbot with cucumber and sea buckthorn, this is the place for you. Andrew, the co-founder forages for the ingredients as part of his hobby. It’s a great way to escape from restaurant activities and explore the hills surrounding Edinburgh for ingredients.

4. Noto

Comes with a monastic design boasting of white walls, dried twigs hanging from the ceiling and brown furniture. Chef-Owner, Stuart Ralston is the inspiration behind this restaurant from his time in New York. Here, you can enjoy small sharing plates that often come with small-batch wines and the best cocktails. Most of the food comes with a renowned Asian twist of potato dauphine dipped in miso mustard. You can also try out aubergine tonkatsu with pickled ginger and kimchi.

5. Fhior

The name comes from Gaelic origins meaning true. It is a small restaurant that matches its name by serving imaginative dishes made out of seasonal and local produce. It is a family-owned and operated restaurant run by a married couple, Scott and Laura Smith. You can always enjoy a four-course meal (whether dinner or lunch) usually offered as a 10-course meal with plates. The meal also includes langoustine with lovage and kohlrabi as well as cod with sea aster and chicken butter.

6. Borough


If you are looking for a space to eat in Leith, you will find a lot of great restaurants and street vendors. However, you can’t miss out on Borough, founded by Aleks Murray. Here, you can enjoy seasonal food from Scotland such as sea trout often sourced from Loch Etvie and oysters coming from the Isle of Cumbrae. Even better, there is Sika venison coming from Hopetoun Estate. Enjoy the most affordable and delicious food!

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