Have you ever tried Mexican rice? Well, today we are going to talk about the history of the infamous Mexican rice. Just in case you don’t know how to cook the rice, here is the latest Mexican Rice Recipes: How to Cook | Mahatma® Rice that you can cook at your home for yourself or your family.

We will also take a quick look into various uses of Mexican rice and see how its made. Let’s get into the origination of this fantastic rice.


Spanish rice

You may have heard this type of rice called some other names, like the Spanish rice. There are no clear reasons as to why people like to call it Spanish rice, even though it is not made in Spain. But some theories make sense.

Right now it may seem crazy to believe that the Mexicans did not have any rice until the 1500s. When Spain invaded the Mexicans in the 1500s, they also brought rice with them. They also imported pigs, chickens, goats, cattle, and other animals. The Spaniards bought rice and wheat from Asia to Mexico. This is why the notorious Mexican rice has gained another name, the Spanish rice, over the years as the country that introduced rice to the Mexicans.

Another theory points out the language as a reason for the rice being called the Spanish rice. They speak Spanish in Mexico. Thus the name of the dish relies on the language instead of the country name.

No matter what the history is, there are tons of Mexican Rice Recipes that you can follow and cook. The rice is delightful and very satisfying.

There are Many Other Uses of Rice in Mexico

There are Many Other Uses of Rice in Mexico

Did you know? The rice is mostly consumed in mid-day meals as a second course. Rice is served generally with fish or beans in Mexico. Though the combination of rice with beans on the side is not at all a Mexican type of food.

In Mexico, rice is a savory dish and is used in desserts like puddings, cakes, tamales, vegetable puddings, atoles, and more. They also have a popular drink that is made from rice named Horchata which tastes refreshing!

How is Mexican Rice Made?

How is Mexican Rice Made

White rice is browned in fat like cooking oil or lard. While browning flavors like garlic and onions for better flavors. The rice is brought to a simmer in chicken broth and tomatoes flavoring, once it turns into golden brown color.

Sometimes they add parsley to give some shade or color to the rice. But Cilantro is added to give the rice a flavor and it gives a fresh herb taste. Oregano, cayenne, cumin, and chili powder are some of the seasonings that are used while making a dish. Some extra vegetables are added later according to the chef’s choice.

This Mexican rice helps to be a good component in Mexican dishes. Many popular and main course Mexican dishes have this rice too.

Mexican rice history has altered over time. Without much materials to study and know about the origins, nobody is sure if that is the real history. But whatever it is, what matters is the rice is making many Mexican or Spanish dishes a lot better. There are many unique and rare dishes that you can learn about simply by learning about this wonderful sticky rice.

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