Did you know that about four percent of the food market in the United States is made up of organic products? Organic foods have become increasingly popular throughout the twenty-first century, and consumers are catching on to the benefits of clean eating.

Would you like to learn more about eating organic? Here are three foods that are organic and come from all around the world.

1. Jackfruit

The jackfruit originally hails from the regions of India and Malaysia. They thrive in tropical climates, growing all over the world. Jackfruit also holds the title of the largest fruit in the world that comes from a tree.

Jackfruit is nutritionally dense, and it contains quite a lot of fiber and antioxidants. fiber can aid in digestion, so if you experience constipation, incorporating jackfruit into your diet may help with that issue.

Because it has a texture so close to shredded meat, jackfruit is often used as an ingredient in vegan recipes. Make a delicious jackfruit “pulled pork” sandwich, or even put it in a stir fry. The possibilities are endless.

2. Mung Bean

If you do not know about the mung bean, you will soon consider it a staple of your organic menu. The mung bean originates from India, and it is chock full of vitamins, so it packs a nutritional punch.

Mung beans contain high amounts of fiber, which is integral to any diet. Many Americans do not consume nearly enough fiber, so eating mung beans may help you to up your fiber intake in a delicious way.

If you want to use mung bean as a staple in your dishes, you can’t go wrong with Indian-inspired flavors. Mung beans can be added to curries, rice, and a variety of other types of dishes for texture and flavor. Since we mentioned rice, check out this cool guide about the healthiest rice from Satia.

3. Tapioca

When you hear the word “tapioca,” you most likely think of boba tea, as it is a popular ingredient in the drink. However, tapioca is extremely versatile and can be added to your diet in many different ways.

Tapioca comes from the region of South America, and it originates from the cassava plant in Brazil. Tapioca comes in forms such as flakes, powders, or the classic pearl that most people are familiar with.

Although it is not packed with many nutrients, tapioca still offers value for those who want to cut down on gluten or suffer from celiac disease. It also happens to be low in cholesterol and fat.

Organic Foods Will Always Be a Better Option

Whether you have been eating clean for a while or you are new to the world of organic foods, you should always be informed on new developments in the world of healthy diets. Incorporating new ingredients into your meal plan can be a fun and exciting way to get more nutrients and potentially discover your new favorite food.

If you would like to explore more information about cuisines from different cultures or healthy food in general, check out the Health section of our blog to find recipes.

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