Want to try some of the best tamales in California? Or gulp down a bowl of hot, authentic chili con carne? XLNT Foods has been producing and packaging delicious home-style Mexican food for more than 125 years. What distinguishes this Mexican food brand is its small-batch production, which has delivered the same authentic recipe since 1894.

The red, white, and blue packaging on store shelves is synonymous with delicious, home-cooked, hearty meals that will have you wanting more. The Mexican brand is available throughout California and can be found in select stores across Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington State.

Authentic Mexican Food At Your Doorstep

Authentic Mexican Food

Starting from a single cart location in California, the brand is now distributed across stores. Since today marks their online store’s first anniversary, let’s look at the products they have available for sale on their website.

Beef Tamales

XLNT became the first brand ever to market its tamales in stores across California. Their signature beef tamales are filled with a tomato beef filling and the perfect blend of Mexican spices, potatoes, and diced jalapenos. Our Chicken Tamales are filled with Tomato filling with potatoes and diced jalapenos, not our Beef Tamales.

XLNT Foods Beef Tamales

Beef tamales are available in the following sizes at different stores across California:

  • 5 oz. (12 tamales)
  • 3 oz. (6 tamales)
  • 8 oz. (dinner-sized individual wrapped tamales)

If you wish to purchase it from the online store, you can get a 12-pack of 8 oz. beef tamales for $29.99, excluding shipping.

Chili Con Carne

Some sources date chili con carne back to the 1500s when a “Lady in Blue” spoke highly of a red-hot stew.

However, the earliest description describes the dish as pieces of meat and peppers all stewed together. In 1850, the first chili mix hit the shelves and became a staple during hard times for Texan laborers and workers.

Chili Con Carne

We all know how long a chili con carne takes to prepare, and imagine the disappointment if it doesn’t turn out the way you wished for. But don’t worry, XLNT chili con carne is pre-packaged and made fresh in small batches to ensure an authentic taste.

The secret family special blend of spices, created in 1906, makes this chili con carne one of a kind. You can serve it on hot dogs, burritos, baked potatoes, pasta, and anything else your taste buds fancy. You can even sauté it with vegetables and canned beans as a meal on its own.

You can purchase the chili con carne in a 5-pack for $29.99, excluding shipping.

You can also purchase a 5 oz. pack of beef tamales and 2 trays of chili con carne for $29.99, excluding shipping.

Note: The cost of shipping varies depending on the size of the shipment and the location of the buyer. Since these are perishable products, XLNT only ships out orders on Monday.

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