Women, by nature, are very conscious about how they look and do everything in their power to keep looking young and beautiful. Every woman wants clear, smooth skin, however, some have to battle with excess hair on the face. It can be demoralizing having to tackle the same facial hair growth that most men have. Health problems can cause these and hormones are a culprit of course and even a slight hormone imbalance can lead to this unwanted hair.

Dietary changes can assist with hormonal disorders

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) for instance, which is a hormonal disorder can be helped by eating the right foods and steering clear of certain ingredients such as processed, heavily preserved foods.

This facial hair on women can also be genetic, but whatever the reason, women are wanting help before the fine hair becomes more visible and more unattractive.

If you know that you have no serious medical problem, why not give eflornithine cream amazon a try? It is used to slow down the growth of that unwanted hair on the face.

The way it works is that the cream blocks the enzyme that is needed for hair growth on the face. While it slows hair growth, it also works at making the actual hair finer and also lighter.

How to use Eflornithine cream

The idea with this cream is to apply a thin layer of it to the areas of hair growth – this would be the mustache and beard area. Rub the cream in and avoid getting any of it into your eyes, mouth or nose. Wash your hands immediately after applying the cream. The cream can be applied twice daily, 8 hours apart, and you can still apply cosmetics over the cream once you have waited 5 minutes for its to dry.  You need to discontinue the treatment if you show any skin irritation.

Use in conjunction with your other products

You have to remember that this cream is not a hair removal product so you can continue to use your usual hair removal products. In other words, it is meant to be used in conjunction with the hair removal process you are already using. The cream works slowly and steadily and you will start to see improvements within 8 weeks.

The cream is available from Okdermo, an online store with nearly a decade of experience of delivering quality, 100% original products to customers. Eflornithine cream amazon is marketed under the brand name Vaniqa in Europe.

Do your face a favour

The hair on your face can make you miserable. This hair treatment is not a depilatory, but it works at slowing lightening facial hair. Do your face a favour and allow this cream to improve your looks and give you more confidence.

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