Remodeling any part of your home is both exciting and terrifying.

Exciting because you know you’ll have a new life in your home and you can enjoy the benefits of improved living space. The downside is that you can make some pretty costly mistakes if you do things the wrong way. We’re going to take a look at the kitchen today, exploring some of the most common kitchen remodel mistakes and how to avoid them.

Hopefully, we can save you the stress and expense of the blunders below.

1. Forgetting Usability

A remodel implies that everything could be ornate and beautiful, and it can be, but you run the risk of putting beauty over function. Less is more when it comes to kitchens.

Try to conserve as much space as possible as you plan things out, and remember that you’ll have to use that space every day. Whether you’re cooking grits and grillades or Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll be confined to the kitchen.

So, it’s best to focus more on the function when you’re planning your kitchen. The embellishments should come later.

2. Planning Mismatches

A full kitchen overhaul requires a lot of work with a number of contractors. Sometimes the work you’re doing has to be done in a particular order, otherwise, you’ll damage some of the existing progress.

Make a clear plan that lays out which projects have to happen first. Ensure that the work done on your sink, for example, doesn’t hold the potential to damage your new countertops.

3. Overestimating DIY

Doing things yourself is always the best route when you can do them well.

While there are some easy jobs, like hanging kitchen blinds, there are a lot of kitchens remodels that require plumbing and electric knowledge that can get dangerous when done wrong. Those mistakes can get expensive, too.

So, if you’re not sure that you can do something in a safe way, hang up the towel and call your local contractor to see what they think.

4. Containing the Area

Remodels need to be contained in the space they’re intended for. In other words, hang a plastic sheet around your kitchen while work is in progress.

Drywall, flooring for kitchens, and other elements of renovations can seep out into the rest of your home and cause damage. It’s also smart to prepare the spaces you’ll be lugging equipment and products in.

A good containment can help the rest of your home remain comfortable while work is in progress.

5. Going Over Your Budget

This is probably the most common blunder that people fall into.

Contract work isn’t always an exact science. Things take longer, issues arise, products don’t work, and you’re left with a bill that far exceeded your expectations.

It’s best to plan ahead and place your kitchen remodel budget under what you can afford so that you can tolerate extra costs and fees as they come up.

6. Getting Too Close

When we get too close to a project, we often miss what the end result will look like. We get too attached to one feature or appliance and forget that it will do some damage to the aesthetic of the remodel.

Try to keep the final picture in mind while you’re making decisions and you’ll be happier with the finished result.

Need Some Ideas to Start Your Project?

Kitchen remodel mistakes aside, the process of making changes to your house can be a challenge. It’s a labor of love, but it can really put us to the test. We’re here to help.

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