Brownies, gummy bears, chocolate bars, oh my!

What do all three of these tasty treats have in common? They’re all even better when you add cannabis to them.

Yes, cannabis edibles have hit the scene and are now nearing the top slot as the preferred way to consume your cannabis. Cannabis edibles are healthier than smoking a joint, tastier than a topical, and more fun than a pill.

Sure, each method has pros and cons, as Veriheal explains in detail in this article. But with edibles, you get to combine your THC with a delicious meal and skip the dangerous side effects that come with smoking weed.

If you’re planning on moving into the infused edibles field, you should know a few things to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience.

1. Buy Premade Edibles First

What Are Edibles

Beginners should always buy premade, preportioned edibles from a licensed dispensary. This way, you know exactly how much THC you’re ingesting and using high-quality, safe products.

Read the label, talk to the staff, and find out which strains provide the results you’re looking for. If your goal is to relax and veg for a while, you should aim for Indica edibles. When you want a bit of extra energy and confidence, Sativa is the way to go.

Consider the amount of THC in each serving, and be cautious about sticking to one serving at a time until you know how you react.

2. Start Low and Work Your Way Up

Another reason you should use a licensed dispensary is for helpful advice. The staff is trained in reading your MMJ prescription, listening to your goals, and pointing you in the right direction. They’ll also suggest ways for you to start with low dosages and work your way up.

Even if you’ve used cannabis many times before, consuming it as an edible is completely different. Your body may react in unexpected ways, and just as you’d overeat regular foods, it’s easy to overdose on cannabis edibles.

Look at the serving size on the label and take out only that much. Put the rest away and out of reach. Eat one serving slowly, and give yourself time to feel the effects. It can take up to an hour to begin noticing any changes.

Wait at least two hours before deciding on another serving, just in case your body is a little delayed at metabolizing the ingredients.


3. Just Say No to Alcohol and Weed

Those warnings you received in elementary and high school are important to remember when you’re consuming cannabis edibles. Whether you’re at home, at a party, or anywhere alcohol is served, skip the drinks and stick with the THC only.

When you mix alcohol and cannabis, it’s hard to recognize your symptoms and know when you’ve had too much. Alcohol can increase the effects of THC, crossing the line from fun or relaxing to psychoactive and scary.

This reminder is especially crucial if you were considering getting behind the wheel, a no-no for drinkers and weed users. You may think you’re just fine, but the combination of alcohol and cannabis in your blood can mean an immediate trip to jail if you’re pulled over.

4. Get to Know Your Tolerance Level

Every person’s body constitution is unique. Just as you may be able to out-drink or under-drink your friends, your body’s tolerance to cannabis will be different, too.

Maybe your friend is popping cannabis-infused gummy bears like they’re Tic Tacs with no noticeable effects. That doesn’t mean you can handle one serving, much less many.

CBD Edibles

Over time, you’ll get familiar with your tolerance level. This knowledge comes from paying attention to the strains and dosages you ingest and the reactions you feel after a serving.

Slowly play around with different strains and increase the dosages until you get to your goal effects. That’s the sweet spot, and you shouldn’t need to vary it much once you find it.


The more comfortable you get with cannabis edibles, the easier it is to use them in anything you eat. This comfort comes with time, though, and as a beginner, you’re not there yet.

Start slowly and with low dosages until you’re familiar with your tolerance level. Then, you can get creative with your recipes and cannabis infusions.

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