Planning some time in the outdoors this weekend? During hot, summer days, you’ll want to enjoy your swimming, gardening and other outdoor activities to the full.

You have to be careful in the sun and make sure you don’t become dehydrated and it’s time to test your ingenuity by making all kinds of refreshing drinks with your new ice maker or ice machine.

Plenty variety with Ice Makers

There are many different kinds of ice makers and they’re available to you in many different models and sizes. You can, for instance, have a small countertop ice maker or have a large one in your garage that will cater for small or large get-togethers.

Other types include a floor-standing one or under-counter, a countertop ice maker, or a portable ice maker. You also have to be sure about what features you’re looking for such as quietness, self-cleaning cycles or different ice-size settings. For restaurants and hotels, there are large commercial ice makers too and they all produced perfectly shaped ice cubes in different sizes.

Portable ice makers are really cool as they’re perfect for boats, picnics and when you live in a small living space. They work much like any regular ice maker, with water flowing into the ice tray and the fan and compressor freeze the water, making ice.

It is just a matter of minutes that ice is released into the bin, and these ice makers can produce a substantial amount of ice.

Make sure you Never run out of Ice

Every food business will require a commercial ice machine that makes high-quality ice 24 hours a day. Hotels, cafes, restaurants and grocer stores serve and sell all manner of beverages and they have to be sure that they never run out of ice.

Some of the bigger ice makers are able to produce about 56 pounds of nugget ice a day and can hold up to 26 pounds of ice. What is nice is that with some of these ice making machines, you’ll get an automatic shut-off that stops ice production when the bin is full.

Customize your ice-output requirements

Whether you’re shopping for a home- or commercial ice machine, you have to select the one that produces the type of ice you want. However, with some of these machines, the thickness of the ice, as well as the freezing time, can be changed simply by pressing the appropriate buttons on the control panel.

Ice makers are always in demand in the summer and winter for drinks such as cocktails, cold drinks and wine, and some people love a lot of ice. Whether you own a restaurant, hotel or you entertain a lot at home, it is essential to be prepared for the demand so that you can keep serving and selling drinks and keeping your guests and customers happy.

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