When you learn how to use a kamado grill correctly, you can prepare melt-in-the-mouth meals every time. Considered to be one of the best BBQs on the market, a kamado grill maintains a high temperature while keeping your meat and vegetable moist and tender. The clever design also infuses your meals with delicious smokey flavors for that authentic outdoor grilling taste.

But, there is a bit of a learning curve before you can claim to be the master BBQ expert amongst your friends. The good news is that it is a lot of fun to practice while perfecting your technique.

Read on for some essential kamado grilling tips.

Spread Your Charcoal Evenly

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Those who usually cook on gas or electric BBQs may wonder what is a kamado grill like to light? It’s actually incredibly easy, and the key is to spread your charcoal evenly so there is consistent heat across the entire grilling surface. Try to light your charcoal in the middle and allow the flames to spread outwards.

Use the Air Vents

Both when lighting the flames and controlling the heat level, the crucial aspect is to adjust the air vents. These features allow air to enter and provide oxygen for the flames. If you have too much oxygen in the BBQ, the flame will burn too hot and fast. But, if there is not enough air, you could starve the flame and not have a high enough cooking temperature.

Mastering this technique takes some trial and error, so don’t expect to get perfect results every time. As you gain more experience you’ll find it easier to make the right adjustments.

Add Wood Chips

Your charcoal Kamado Joe BBQ will provide smokey aromas, but you can add to the flavors by adding woodchips. For example, mesquite chips add an earthy sweetness, while pecan is mellow and nutty. You can try various types of wood chips with different foods to find the combinations that work best for you.

Keep the Lid Closed

It is tempting to open your kamado BBQ lid and turn the meats and vegetables every few minutes. But, it’s better to keep the lid closed to stop heat from escaping. You can still check on your food every 10-15 minutes, but try not to do it any more often than this.

If you think your meal is ready to eat, you can use a meat thermometer to check the internal food temperature. This ensures you can be sure it is safe to serve your meat to hungry guests.

Add Sauces Last

Add Sauces Last

Many BBQ sauces have a high sugar content and can burn quickly. Towards the end of the grilling time, lower the BBQ temperature by closing the vents to shut off the oxygen supply. Apply a coating of the sauce to the meats and allow it to seep in for several minutes.

When you remove the meat you can also let it rest for a short period to ensure the sauce has a chance to tenderize your meal.

Learn How to Use a Kamado Grill Today

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There is no better time to learn how to use a kamado grill than right now. Get outside, light your BBQ, and get practicing. You may not get everything right at the beginning, but you’ll certainly have plenty of tasty treats to eat while you master the grill.

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