Nothing breaks a wine lover’s heart than an glass of wine that has turned to vinegar after opening. If you dont know how to store wine, then you should read this post carefully.

How to Store Wine at Home

When you have a wine you want to save for the next few days you just want to make sure that it retains all of it’s deliciouness and aroma. This blog will contain some good tips for how to store wine and you may follow and introduce you to the Wine Condom.

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After opening a bottle of wine you either have to drink it all or put it away for a couple of days. Just re-corking it is an option but does prevent some problems due to oxidation and the fact that How to store wine at home often in order to get the wine to fit in your fridge you need to tilt the bottle on it’s side.

How to Store Wine Using Wine Condoms

How to store wine
Wine Condoms

Our new favorite way of storing wine for a couple of days is to use a wine condom. A wine condoms roll over the rim of the bottle to preserve and protect your wine. The rubber devices even come in gold foil packets, giving you the full condom effect which make it both practicable but a provactive and humourous piece of equipment in your kitchen.

Unlike rubber pump caps or corks – Wine Condoms fit flush with the opening & hug the bottle firmly, preventing spills. Your wine bottles will now fit nicely in the fridge without fear of leakage for unwanted accidents. And most of the people don’t know about How to store wine at home using it.

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Wine condoms also offer on the go protection. Wine condoms, just like regular condoms, come in a little gold package. They can be slipped in your pocket, wallet or purse and taken anywhere!!!

On-The-Go Protection For Your Big Bottle Of Riesling

They are great for restaurants and as a birthday or holiday gag gift too!

Other Tips that are Practicable but not as Fun:

Keep Cold

How to store wine
Wine Store Refrigerator

Oxygen is always enemy #1 when it comes to storing wine. As soon as you open a bottle of wine, oxygen is exposed to the wine and changes its composition over a rather short period of time. At first, this is a good thing, as oxygen allows wine to open up and release its aromas which is why many wines are better off served in a decanter.

However, if the wine is exposed to oxygen for a longer period of time-24 hours or more, it will start to turn into vinegar. This is known as Oxidation. The easiest way to slow down the oxidation process is to place your wine in the fridge as soon as possible after you’re done drinking you are able how to store wine.

The more wine in contact with oxygen, the more quickly it will start to degrade. The cool temp can’t stop exposed wine from breaking down, but it can slow the process significantly.  Using a wine fridge which is set around 55 degrees is a great option as it will keep your wine cool enough to slow oxidation, but not as cold as a standard refrigerator.

Use a Vacuum Stopper

How to store wine
Vacu Vin

The more air you can get out of the open bottle the better. There are many vacuum pumps available in the market that can reduce the amount of air by literally sucking it out. Pump systems include rubber stoppers. Insert the stopper into the bottle, and then attach the pump to the stopper to remove oxygen from the bottle.

They are easy to know that, how to store wine, are widely available, and inexpensive. However they are not foolproof and tests have shown that vacuum pumps can only create a vacuum that is about 70% complete. So they are not a standalone solution but by also placing the bottle in a fridge or wine cooler will work pretty good for a few days generally.

Gas Injection

How to store wine
Private Preserve Wine Gas

A better option is to use an inert gas, one that doesn’t react with the wine and is heavier than oxygen and will create a blanket on top of your wine to keep oxygen out.

You can buy spray bottle size cans  of an inert gas like Argon to replace the oxygen in the bottle of wine and create a protective layer on the surface. Once the gases is sprayed, put the wine condom or a cork back on as tightly as possible and refrigerate in an upward position.

How to store wine
Wine Condoms

How to Store Sparkling Wine

Did you know that some people prefer day-old Sparling Wine over freshly opened Sparkling Wine?

Letting the bubbles settle first gives the sparkling wine a chance to de-gas and lowers the carbonation, which rounds out the flavors. The methods mentioned above do not work to keep wine as the carbonation will force out corks, stoppers or condoms. What you need is a champagne stopper.

How to store wine
Champagne Stopper

We like the MitBA combo wine stopper and pump because it allows you the choice of either letting the sparkling wine de-gas or you can use the pump to add pressure. Adding pressure to the head space will limit the amount of gas that escapes from the liquid so if you want to keep the wine carbonated-add pressure but if you want to de-gas don’t add pressure. The metal hinges keep the cork attached to the bottle.

It’s a great tool to be able to keep Champagne overnight to be able to enjoy a nice Mimosa or Champagne brunch.

It claims to keep sparkling wine for weeks but we rarely let it go more than about 2 or 3 days.

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