With this method, you don’t have to have a large or tiny kitchen to keep your silverware in order.

These tips can help you keep on top of your tasks! If you get the most out of today’s Quick Win post, I’ll teach you how to put up a silverware drawer in your kitchen. You should bear in mind that kitchen drawers exist in a wide variety of shapes; don’t get distracted by the exact drawer or the food that I’m shooting. Only as a reference; make any required adjustments depending on your kitchen’s unique circumstances. Get started on this easy activity by walking over to your current drawer, grabbing a beverage, and starting to work. Ready? We’re off!

Organize A Silverware Drawer With These Easy Steps

By the way, before starting to study our guide, you can take a look at the following storage box set of 5 provided to us by Royal Craft Wood: https://royalcraftwood.com/products/bamboo-storage-box-set-of-5

The First Step Is To Remove All Of The Drawer’s Contents

The first step is to remove all of the drawer's contents

It’s time to empty it completely. Even the stickers and dividers should be removed before you start dismantling. Re-create everything you discover when eliminating objects if it doesn’t belong to you. Rather than putting it off till later or shoving it to the furthest corner of the counter, put it away now. When the silverware drawer is empty, use a damp paper towel to wipe it off. If you have any dish trays in your kitchen, you should also clean them by wiping or hand-washing them.

The Creation Of Divisions Is The Next Phase

Despite the fact that many people overlook this, it is an important step in the process. Instead of just slipping into a silverware drawer, a split dish tray has to be kept in place. To keep your box from becoming a jumbled mess, this will help you categorize your belongings into categories. The little rubber feet that come with certain dish trays are meant to keep them in place.

In order to keep the trays secure, I suggest using museum gel (either in sticky dots or in a freeform bottle). You may remember your elementary school teacher’s poster-hanging gel, but this gel is a little more up-to-date. Transparent, adhesive, and reversible, it may be styled and reapplied with ease. I use these drawer dividers in every one of my houses.

Putting In Your Normal Cookware Is The Next Step

Putting in your normal cookware is the next step

Filling the drawer with the most often used goods is an excellent place to start. This set for utensils: https://royalcraftwood.com/products/bamboo-silverware-drawer-organizer-natural may be used for all silverware. When no one is watching, consume peanut butter and steal ice cream scoops from the freezer. All of your crockeries, serving pieces and steak knives are out of the question. This article will show you how to revive them if they don’t match or seem worn out.

Dinner forks, salad forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons, and butter knives may all be seen on dish trays. Many of them have additional holes at the top that are shorter and oddly shaped. However, this does not indicate that you should use the tray in this way. These extra spaces may be used to store items like steak knives and chopsticks even if you don’t have two of everything. As a general rule, this is what I utilize in the majority of my clients’ homes.

It’s Time To Pack It Up

This is where the magic occurs when it comes to organizing. To complete a drawer with all of the drawer components, you may buy them individually or in groups. A large portion of the drawer may be available for other items if your dish tray occupies the bulk of the space.

Folded tissue paper, Tupperware containers, or Ziploc bags filled with tiny kitchen items like corn cob holders may be used to fill in the empty spots. Using the iconic Tetris game as an analogy, the objective is to pack as many apartments as possible into a limited amount of space.

During Step Five, Return Any Things That Don’t Fit Your Needs

During Step Five, Return Any Things That Don't Fit Your Needs

No, you don’t have to open your drawer first to get to anything else that isn’t in it. Don’t worry about the salad forks and holiday-themed cheese knives; they won’t fit! Tool storage in the pantry is made easier by stackable pasta containers with lids and bamboo trays.

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