Are you one of those who loves KFC? I mean, a person who likes fast food definitely loves KFC. But we all know that eating at a KFC outlet is not cheap. With the economic slowdown, their menu now seems more expensive than usual. Many people try other stores and barbecue spots to satisfy their cravings, but if you have tried this, you might know that nothing comes close to that sweet-spicy sauce of KFC. Trying to recreate the taste at home is a completely different story. Watching multiple YouTube videos with different ingredients and methods doesn’t lead anywhere. But worry no more, because we are here to give you a fantastic KFC Honey BBQ Sauce Recipe that will taste just like the original thing. You can take our word for it!

KFC honey BBQ sauce recipe will yield a sauce that is spicy and sweet with a thick texture. This is one of the most popular KFC sauces out there. If you have tasted the original, you know the sauce has a smoky note to it, which feels great. This note is gathered from liquid smoke. Yes, you heard that right!

This sauce has a BBQ flavor which means you can add this to anything to make it taste like BBQ. If you want some suggestions, you can try this BBQ KFC style sauce with breaded and fried chicken.

Because this BBQ sauce is also sweet, you can have it with fried chicken wings.

The KFC honey BBQ sauce recipe will include ketchup, which gives it a tangy flavor. You will also need to add molasses to get a dark color and a sweet taste. For spices, you add chili powder and onions.

By adding onions, you also get a slightly acidic taste. Different types of onions will yield different results. It’s up to you to experiment and see which one you prefer. White vinegar also plays a crucial part in adding a tangy note. And then comes the liquid smoke that we talked about.

This KFC honey BBQ sauce recipe is not a recipe where you just throw your ingredients in the bowl and serve. Here, you will need to take your time and slowly cook the sauce for the best results.

At regular intervals, you will have to reduce and mix the ingredients to give a thick and flavorful sauce. Do not feel like this is going to take forever. Once you gather all the ingredients, you will only need 30 minutes to create this delicious sauce.

Just follow our KFC honey BBQ sauce recipe below to get an idea of the entire procedure!

Ingredients For The KFC Honey BBQ Sauce Recipe

Ingredients for the KFC Honey BBQ Sauce Recipe

You don’t need much for this sauce. Most of these ingredients can be found easily at home.

  • Tomato Ketchup: Use your favorite ketchup brand to make your BBQ sauce. Adding ketchup will create a tangy and sweet note in your sauce.
  • White Vinegar: The tangy note from ketchup is not enough for this kind of sauce. Generally, you will be having this sauce with chicken wings, which need a little bit of extra tang.
  • Honey And Molasses: We add honey to get a sweeter taste. If you are not a fan of sweet tastes, then hold back on the honey, but if you’re more about that sweetness, then go ahead. Molasses gives a sweet note while giving an incredible dark color to the sauce.
  • Liquid Smoke: One of the reasons this sauce tastes so good. Get yourself a liquid smoke with a hickory flavor. This will give the sauce a great smoky texture, making it more finger-licking.
  • Chili Powder, Onion Powder, And Salt: These guys will give a boost to your sauce. Adding a sufficient amount of spices like onion and chili powder will give that sauce the rustic taste it is known for.

Here are the ingredients you need for the KFC honey BBQ sauce recipe, so what’s next?

Once you master the recipe, you can add your own ingredients. However, once you do that, it won’t be an authentic recipe. But cooking what you want is the aim here.

Now that we have gathered all of the ingredients, let us dive into the tools required and see how the KFC honey BBQ sauce is made.

KFC Honey BBQ Sauce Recipe

KFC Honey BBQ Sauce Recipe

Follow the recipe and make sure not to miss any steps. It might take longer as this is your first time cooking this BBQ sauce. But once you get used to the methods and steps, it will be a breeze in the park the next time you want to make it.

Here are the tools you will need to execute this sweet dense sticky sauce.

Tools And Equipment Before You Get Started

Saucepan (Small Size): A saucepan is needed to add your spices, sauces, and liquid smoke. A saucepan will help cook the sauce over low heat slowly enough to get a thick sauce texture.

Spoon (wooden): You are going to need this particular tool a lot. Stirring your food regularly will help to create a delicious and mouthwatering sauce.

How Long Will It Take To Make The Sauce?

As we already discussed, you can make this KFC honey BBQ sauce recipe quite quickly.

If you have all the ingredients needed at home, then you will just require 5–10 minutes of preparation time. Make sure to use quality ingredients for that authentic rustic taste. The cooking time is 15-20 mins, which means you can wrap up the whole recipe, from start to finish, in just 20-30 mins.

But don’t rush your cooking. Give the sauce a sufficient amount of time.

If you want, first try making a small batch to get an idea of what you are supposed to do. Once you think you have understood the process, make the sauce in large batches to last for a longer period. This will take some extra time, but it will be completely worth it.

The Recipe

You are going to add all of your ingredients to the saucepan. This means first adding the ketchup, honey, molasses, liquid smoke, and white vinegar. Once everything is in the pan, you can “turn on” your heat on low flames.

Get your wooden spoon and slowly start stirring the mixture. Keep stirring for at least 15 minutes until the sauce becomes thick.

The sauce will darken and thicken as it cooks. Turn off the heat after 15 minutes and leave it to rest for a while.

That is it! You have successfully cooked the KFC honey BBQ sauce recipe.

This is a really simple sauce to make. If you want, you can note down this KFC honey BBQ sauce recipe until you know it by heart.

Serve yourself some wings along with this sauce to satisfy your needs at a cheap price. You can also enjoy the sauce with other dishes.

Trying something new is always fun and exciting, but what does the KFC honey BBQ sauce recipe taste like?

How Does The KFC Honey BBQ Sauce Recipe Taste Like?

How Does the KFC Honey BBQ Sauce Recipe Taste Like

If you follow our KFC honey BBQ sauce recipe to the bone, then the sauce will taste and look just like the original stuff.

The sauce will look dark in color and have a thick texture. It will have a spicy and sweet mixture of tastes, which goes best with fried chicken or chicken wings. You get a tangy note in that sweet and spicy flavor because of the ketchup and white vinegar. To get a BBQ hit in the sauce, we add liquid smoke. This will greatly benefit your whole dish. It is now entirely up to you to decide how to use it.

If you want, you can use it as a glaze or dip for your favorite fried snacks or food items.

The Nutrition Value Of The Sauce

The overall calories you get from this sauce are 428.

Here is detailed information on nutrition value:

  • Protein – 2g
  • Carbohydrates – 106g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat – 1g
  • Fat – 1g
  • Saturated Fat – 1g
  • Monounsaturated Fat – 1g
  • Potassium – 1120mg
  • Sodium – 1970mg
  • Sugar – 99g
  • Fiber – 1g

This is useful for those who are health-conscious. As you can see, the sauce is good in terms of nutritional value. Also, nothing can hurt you if you stay within the limits. Being healthy should be your priority.

Getting To Know KFC’s Brand New Sauce

Getting to Know KFC's Brand New Sauce

Did you know KFC launched a new sauce named “KFC Sauce” in 2020?

Here is a quick review and information on that sauce.

The perfect chicken we get at KFC is the reason we keep visiting them again and again. KFC has a variety of sauces that are loved by everyone. They are beyond perfection. But still, KFC has introduced a new sauce.

Let us see if this dip is worthy enough of the hype.

KFC has said their new entry sauce is smoky with a perfectly sweet and spicy flavor. You can say it is a BBQ sauce just like we saw above. It is creamy and smoky. KFC has introduced this sauce, especially for their extra crispy KFC tenders.

KFC went to their customers, who are experts who could help KFC make the best sauce possible. KFC’s Chief Marketing Officer of the United States gave around 50 iterations, out of which only one got the most positive response.

You can try this amazing sauce at your nearest KFC outlet. When you head down there to try the sauce, don’t forget to have it with your favorite KFC bucket.

Facts About KFC You Didn’t Know About

There are many fantastic facts about KFC that a true fan should know about. Just because you just ate your favorite place doesn’t mean you are the greatest fan.

You’d be shocked to know that there is so much you don’t know about your local favorite fast-food brand. KFC has been around for decades and there are various interesting things you can learn about.

Only Two People Know About The Spices And Herbs Blend.

We all know KFC uses 11 spices and herbs to create their recipe. But no one knows how much they use or what their measurements are. That piece of paper that contains this information is secured behind concrete walls, CCTV cameras, and motion sensors.

KFC’s Translation Incident.

KFC’s finger-lickin’ good slogan in China was accidentally changed to “We’ll eat your fingers off.” The fact that a huge brand like KFC would say something like this didn’t seem so delicious all of a sudden.

The Colonel Is In A Comic Book.

The colonel has battled an evil doppelganger in the DC comics with the help of the Flash and Green Lantern. This was a limited-edition comic book called “The Colonel of Two Worlds”. The limited-edition comic book was distributed at Comic-Con. The Colonel also fought a secret recipe stealer in a 1960s comic book.

It is really awesome for DC and KFC fans to witness such a collaboration.

There Have Been Multiple Colonels.

Unfortunately, the face of KFC passed away in the year 1980. But that has not stopped others from caricaturing his essence. People like Norm MacDonald, Darrell Hammond, and Jim Gaffigan have depicted the founder of KFC in many commercial ads.

These were the incredible facts we had for today!

KFC has witnessed a long journey, and surely this journey won’t end soon. Fans like you and me keep pushing brands like KFC forward.

Getting to know these facts is great. Now you can share them with your family and friends to prove how much you love KFC’s finger-licking good chicken.


So this was it, guys. Now you have learned about one of the best sauces offered by KFC. It is easy to make and doesn’t take much of your time. You can use it as your regular BBQ sauce for parties and impress your guests. You should try that honey BBQ sauce with tender crispy chicken for the best experience.

If you want, you can learn more about KFC sauce recipes. It is better to cook at home because it is cheaper and you know it is hygienic. Also, you can make this sauce in batches, so you don’t have to worry for the next few weeks.

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