While the name suggests otherwise, French press coffee is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to enjoy a good amount of caffeine in your system when you wake up.

French press coffee isn’t all for caffeine snobs, contrary to common belief. It really doesn’t hurt to be one, though, if you want to get into this famous brewing process. The French press is a straightforward manual brewing process that gives you complete control over your beverage. It’s easy enough for everyone to do, and it’s among the most cost-effective brewing methods available. All you have to do is find the right recipe for it and start brewing!

But, before you get started, make sure you also have the right equipment next to you because otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve what you want. Continue reading to figure out how to make it step by step. Click on the link to learn more https://www.wikihow.com/Use-a-French-Press-or-Cafetiere.

What is it, and how do I make it?

What is it, and how do I make it

The sight of the French press machine can be overwhelming the very first time you attempt to make your own cup. But it’s still one of the most basic brewing methods, dating back to the 1850s. Its formation, according to legend, was a happy accident.

According to legend, a Frenchman was boiling water when he remembered he had forgotten to bring the coffee in. Regardless, he chose to apply the beans to the boiling water. He used a chunk of a metal screen as well as a stick to push the screen down with the grounds once they had risen to the top. What’s the end result? It was the best cup he’d ever had.

Despite this amusing origin story, the Italians were the ones who invented the French press coffee maker. Over time, the version has evolved into the French press we currently know β€” a manual brewing machine in which coffee grounds are immersed in hot water until being pressed to the bottom of the beaker, separating the grounds from the liquid. Read more on this page.

What steps should I follow?

how to make pour over coffee

The most difficult part of making it is getting started. To ensure success, you need to have the appropriate equipment on hand. But once you’ve mastered that, the rest is simple.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

A good cup of joe begins with excellent beans. Although you may buy them pre-ground, you should grind them yourself. In order to make it, you’ll need uniformly ground beans that are about the size of sesame seeds. Smaller grains can pass through the filter and cause sediment in your coffee.

If you’re looking for uniformly sized, coarse coffee grounds, a burr grinder is your best choice. A burr grinder is made up of two abrasive surfaces. In contrast, a standard blade grinder can produce smaller particles by grinding them somewhat like a blender (AKA burrs). The beans are ground between such surfaces, with the distance between them adjustable to alter the grind size. Burr grinders provide a more consistent grind, which is suitable for the device.

While you can measure the beans with regular measuring cups, the most accurate way to measure beans is to weigh them before grinding them on a digital food scale. Measure 12 cups, or 56 grams, of coffee beans for an eight-cup press (which contains four cups of water and makes eight 4-ounce servings). When it comes to the water ratio, a reasonable general rule is to use 15 grams of water per gram of coffee. So, for 56 grams of coffee, 840 grams of water equals 3/12 cups, but you can go up to four cups given how strong you like your coffee.

Moreover, it should go without saying, but you’ll need a French press to make it. They are among the most basic of all brewing systems, so there’s no need to spend lots of money on one.

To “warm” the press and brew the coffee, you’ll need boiling water. Although a wooden stir stick can be purchased, any long spoon (such as a teaspoon or a wooden spoon) will suffice for splitting up the top layer of coffee.

You’ll also need a timer to keep track of the four minutes it takes to make the perfect cup. Everyone should know how to make French press coffee if they love caffeine running through their system.


Coffee Maker With Grinder

Warming up the press is the first step in making this delicious drink. You can do this by filling the press with boiling water and washing it out. This will aid in keeping the temperature stable when brewing. The next step is to weigh and grind the beans. Begin by weighing the number of beans you want to use.

Remove any warm water from the device and replace it with the coffee grinds. Bring your desired amount of water to a boil, then set aside for one minute to cool. Fill the French press halfway with water. To split up the top layer, stir vigorously with a long spoon or stirrer.

Allow another four minutes for the liquid to steep. Push the plunger all the way down to the bottom of the press until the timer goes off. Serve right away, but any leftovers can be stored in a thermos to keep it warm for a little longer. Congratulations on your achievement! You’ve just made coffee in a French press.

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