The kitchen is the holy of holies of every home. Here we spend a lot of time, not only on household chores but also communicating with our loved ones over a cup of tea or during a family dinner. In our modern world, in the era of innovative developments and technological progress, it is possible to create whatever you want. These innovations gradually and confidently enter our homes. The smart kitchen of the future must certainly be equipped with the latest equipment and, of course, be smart. It’s cool when your home is equipped with devices that can be controlled remotely. This greatly simplifies the interaction with both household appliances and other gadgets, because everything can be adjusted and configured through a smartphone or a smart centralized panel. In this article, we have collected the most useful gadgets for you, as well as tips on how to effectively interact with them all.

Smart Kitchen and How to Manage It

Home Kitchen

Smart Home devices are simply indispensable in the kitchen. Familiar-to-use technology is equipped with intelligent functions that not only bring a new user experience, but also become more functional. You can control it remotely or receive information such as end of wash or bake notification directly to your smartphone through different applications. Many developers today offer PCF to AKS migration, as well as the development of cloud-native apps that allow you to smoothly connect all smart gadgets and manage them in one service.

Smart Fridge

Smart refrigerators are always in fashion at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). For example, there are refrigerators with a large touch screen built into the door where you can order groceries online. They can also send a photo of the inside of the food storage compartment to your smartphone while you’re shopping (handy if you’ve forgotten what food you’re missing). There are cheaper and less functional, but no less “smart” refrigerators from other manufacturers that do not have a touch screen and cameras inside, but support a smartphone application. Such a refrigerator, for example, can notify of power outages and the need to replace the water filter.

Smart Water Purifier

Modern devices are made in the form of faucets ready for installation, in which a multi-level filtration system is built-in. Such systems demonstrate serious capacities in terms of volumes of purified water and can even regulate the temperature. You can even control it with your voice assistant.

Smart Dishwasher

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Another smart appliance emerging in the smart kitchen market is the dishwasher. There are Smart Assistant-enabled models that let you activate certain options when you’re away from home. You can also view statistics on your smartphone that helps you save energy and control your appliances remotely.

Communication Smart Kitchen Appliance

For families who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, communication technology is now available. One such product is a speaker that works like a radio. There are special models for smart home systems, or, for example, Apple’s Home Pod. It uses hands-free VoIP and calls from a mobile phone and allows you to talk and send messages to family members who are outside or in another room.

Smart Kitchen Scale

A smart kitchen scale is also essential to the kitchen, just like a cutting board or cutlery. And if earlier these simple designs only showed us the mass of the product, now they are able to take control of our entire menu, and, as a result, our health. Kitchen scales of the latest generation with smart control are equipped with an information transfer function. On the screen of your mobile phone, using a specially installed program, you can read the analysis of the composition of the product. You will not only know the weight of the product, but also get data on the ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in it, you can determine the calorie content and decide what is best for your healthy diet.

Smart Water And Humidity Sensor

Water And Humidity Sensor

Often homeowners don’t notice water leaks until they cause serious damage. There are systems with sensors that report water leakage. This will allow you to take the necessary measures before things get really bad.

Smart Smoke Detector

Another concern for every homeowner is fire prevention and quick response. Many smoke detection systems now include Wi-Fi connectivity and smart phone alerts.

More advanced systems can detect smoke and carbon monoxide, as well as monitor overall home air quality. Such systems can be enabled for notifications via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi – they can even let you know when someone is smoking in the house.

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