Are you tired of not being able to impress your friends on a sunny barbecue? Not everyone knows how to cook on a grill like an expert, so you should never be too hard on yourself.

Barbecue cooking is a form of art. It is a unique skill that takes practice to perfect. However, there are some incredible grilling techniques we can teach you that will blow your barbecue guests’ minds.

Whether preparing a side or main meal, grilling is one of the most flavorful ways of cooking meat. By the end of this guide, you should be an expert on how to barbecue to handle all your burgers, vegetables, steaks, and so much more.

How to Cook on a Grill?

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The first step if you want to learn the best barbecue tips is to arrange your mise en place. A mise en place means setting an organized workspace with everything you need right in front of you.

This way, when you start grilling, you can feel more organized. This is essential because you will need some tools to work the grill. For instance, you need a spatula or a fork, depending on what you are cooking.

Then you will also need some brush for the sauces or marinade. Finally, you need to ensure that you have a pair of tongs to help flip the meat and evenly cook all the sides.

If you start organizing a workspace before grilling, you will be more successful and look like a pro.

Otherwise, you may need to leave the grill unattended while running back to the kitchen looking for your tools and ingredients.

This is a bad decision because you risk burning or overcooking your meats if you take your eyes off them for a minute too long.

Heat Zones

This is one of the best barbecue cooking tips for most types of outdoor grills. However, you will need to plan for heat zones the most if you use charcoal grills.

This is because you need to keep hot coals on one side of your grill to get the most heat for direct cooking. Then you need to leave another area free of coals for indirect cooking.

If you have gas grills, you can easily turn up the heat higher on one side and not the other. This will let you sear on one side of your grill before moving the item to another so it can slowly finish cooking.

If you want to test how hot your grill is, the best thing to do is hold your hand over the grate. Your hand should be palm-side down. Be ready to pull your hand away the minute things get too hot.

This way, you will be careful not to burn yourself. Remember to only do this for a couple of seconds if you are testing high heat. Then do it for up to five seconds for medium heat and an extra couple of seconds for low heat.

Choose Dark Meat

The key to the perfect grill is to achieve maximum juiciness. Therefore, it is always worth taking a break from the healthier chicken breasts to opt for more thighs and leg pieces.

These will remain juicier on the grill even if you cook them longer. They are also cheaper pieces of meat, so you can experiment with grilling with these sections of the chicken instead of splurging on white meat.

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Remember Vegetables

Even though a grilled steak hits all the right spots when barbecue cooking, you will need some vegetables to complete the meal. It is always delicious to fill up on some sides and grilled salads besides your meaty main course.

You can also grill lettuce to make your veggies taste better. The best is to chop off a head of romaine lettuce in half. Then you should brush it with oil before grilling it on the side you cut from.

Alternatively, you can also cook some salsa ingredients on the grill. All you must do is halve some tomatoes, avocadoes, onions, and bell peppers. Then you should cook all these ingredients cut side down.

After finishing grilling these, you should finely chop them into smaller pieces and throw them together with a dash of lime juice and a handful of finely chopped cilantro.

If the tangy barbecue salsa taste does not impress your loved ones, nothing else will. Find more information here about the best grill that can lift your vegetables and meats to perfection.

Remove Food

After you are done with the cooking, you should remember to take food off the grill. This is because hot spots on most types of grills are not always the same.

Therefore, some parts of your meats or veggies may overcook before others. You should always keep an extra place with some wrapping foil nearby.

If some parts of your food are cooked before the rest, you can move them to your plate and cover them with the foil.

This will keep your food fresh and warm while you finish cooking the rest. Otherwise, you may find some bits of meat that can turn into rubber if left on the grill for too long.

Thin Your Burgers

When you grill ground beef, it tends to puff a bit in the middle. This makes it harder to cook burgers more evenly because your toppings will be falling off.

Make Sure That You Have a Good Grill

While forming burger patties, you should always press down harder in the middle. It is best to create a small indention.

Grill Like a Pro Today

Now that you know how to cook on a grill like a pro, it is time to prep your meats and veggies to enjoy the sunshine with loved ones.

Remember to prepare a clean workspace with all your tools and ingredients so that you never have to leave the grill to look for anything at the last minute.

If you enjoyed reading this how to barbecue guide, check out some of our other posts for more information.

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