There’s no better feeling than when you’ve some hot coffee on that early morning. It makes you feel “heaven on earth”- so refreshing indeed. How else would it be perfect except when you have it in a well-branded paper cup? We’re in a busy world, and you rarely have the time to sit at home or in a coffee shop to enjoy the cup.

Branding is important, and the more appealing it is, the more sales and the higher the revenues. Anything that will help you market and sell more is always welcome, and when it comes to selling coffee, there’s no better presentation than having the product in perfectly designed coffee paper cups.

How then do you choose the best coffee paper cups for great effect?

Get some good insulation

If you love hot or cold drinks, you know how discomfiting it can be handling them- you’ve to manage freezing or burning hands, and at the same time, you want to enjoy the drink. That’s why when you have well-insulated cups; your customers won’t freeze and therefore are happy to come back for a repeat. Therefore, as you choose paper cups for your coffee shop, you’ve to select ones with good insulation and coated with polyethylene and polylactide. Both types of coating are perfect for keeping both cold and hot drinks.

Eco-friendly alternative

Eco-friendly alternative

Some brands choose plastic and other hazardous materials for coffee cups, and that’s a mistake you should avoid with such sensitization on the environment around the world; who would want to use a product that is harmful to the environment. The more you care about the environment, the more your customers trust you. Plastic cups are not biodegradable and, therefore, should never form part of your choice. Choose cups that are friendly to the environment- compostable paper cups are great alternatives. The compostable paper cups are environment-friendly and add nutrients to the soil. Such can be accompanied by compostable stirrers made of bamboo and other eco-friendly lids.

Choose some unique designs

Choose some unique designs

Having take-away cusps, you have an opportunity to market your business. When a customer walks along the streets holding a cup of coffee, they tell the public that the contents are something they enjoy. But there’s not much effect if that is in a white paper. Now, compare that with someone who holds a cup, perfectly designed, with the logo and brand message displayed appealingly and a perfect mix of the brand colors- who wouldn’t want to be associated with good things? Think about how you want the customer to feel when holding the cup amidst a crowd. One customer could attract thousands if you’re branding stands out.

Use strong material for coffee paper cups

Strong material

Imagine you’re holding your coffee cup, and it gets wet and collapses in minutes. Such embarrassment could deny your business. If one customer is messed up, they could scare hundreds from your products, which can easily downplay your efforts. Get paper coffee cups made of sturdy paper, compostable but hard to collapse.

When choosing coffee cups, look for the ones that are strong enough to carry the content for the longest time. Keep an eye on the branding and the colors you use. A perfect choice will help your business grow to greater heights.

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