The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted almost every industry in the world. The health and fitness industry has been severely affected as it relies heavily on an in-person format for most of its facilities. Some companies have not been able to withstand this disruption, while others have barely remained afloat.

One of the companies that have not only survived but continues to thrive is Herbalife Nutrition which offers an extensive range of nutritional products and a network of health clubs around the globe. Driven by its unwavering goal of improving global health and nutrition, the network of Herbal Nutritional Clubs continues to expand.

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What is a Herbalife Nutrition Club?

Herbal Nutrition Club is a community-based facility that offers high-quality nutrition, fitness classes, and a network of support. The concept of Herbalife Nutrition began in 2004 when the first club opened in Mexico. The first club was opened to address a severe lack of affordable fitness facilities and nutrition products in the region. Now there are over 75,000 Herbal Nutrition Clubs around the globe.

At these clubs, customers can buy individual servings rather than needing to buy the entire product. There are also several types of group exercise classes and other fitness activities that are offered at these clubs. One of the keys to the success of Herbalife Nutrition Clubs has been its community-based format which brings together people with similar health and wellness goals.

Performance of Herbalife Nutrition Clubs in 2021

Performance of Herbalife Nutrition Clubs in 2021

In the U.S. market, over 2,000 Herbalife Nutrition Clubs were added to the network in the first half of the year. That brings the total number of clubs in the country to over 11,000. As the pandemic condition improves, many of the clubs would be returning to in-person training activities in the second half of the year.

In 2021, India has been severely affected by pandemic-related restrictions causing Herbalife Nutrition Clubs to introduce a virtual nutrition club model, which uses virtual platforms to conduct group exercises and other health-related activities. The virtual club strategy has been successful and is being employed by several Herbalife Clubs around the globe.

The power of virtual community has been the key in providing the social connection required for optimum physical and mental health. Whether is it sharing the latest updates and news through social media, sharing weekly meal plans, or just checking in on the customers, Herbalife has made sure its customers are not left feeling isolated during these challenging times.

Herbalife Nutrition Clubs Opening During the Pandemic

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The existing Herbalife Nutrition Clubs have seen remarkable growth even with all the challenges posed by the pandemic. There have also been several new Herbalife Nutrition Clubs that have opened during the pandemic. Even with the uncertainty in the market and the constant fear of a new surge in the virus, independent distributors are always finding innovative ways to support their customers.

A Herbalife Nutrition Club has recently opened in downtown Huntsville. The owner of this club was inspired by her struggles of trying to lose weight and finding a place where she felt comfortable seeking support.

The pandemic did not stop her from opening a new health club as she was able to recognize the strong value proposition of Herbalife Nutrition Clubs. Her goal is not only to offer a club where customers can exercise and get healthy nutrition, but she also wants the place to be a fun hangout spot with a friendly and happy vibe.

The pandemic might evolve into something different in the future requiring companies to once again innovate to survive. Independent distributors will continue to support their customers and communities whether through in-person or virtual channels.

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