Chicken is one of the most versatile kinds of proteins that can be used in many dishes. Its neutral taste also makes it very popular with children. You can use chicken to make both snacks and meals.

Few interesting chicken-based meal ideas

1. Baked Chicken

If you are looking for something that requires minimal effort, baked chicken is a great choice. You can do this with chicken breasts, chicken legs and thighs, or even the whole chicken. You can throw in your favorite vegetables or even add the baked chicken to a bowl of pasta. It’s a very flexible way of making chicken that you can adjust to your liking.

2.   Air-fried Chicken

Everyone likes fried chicken but no one wants the calories associated with it. An easy workaround is to make air-fried chicken. If you are looking for delicious yet healthy meal ideas this is the way to go. Moreover, there is close to no mess to clean up afterward, which makes this dish even better. Just spray some cooking oil onto the chicken and that is all the oil that you will need.

3. Rice And Chicken

Rice and chicken is a great way to use some baked chicken from the previous day or you can make this from scratch with fresh chicken. This meal provides all the macros you need from the chicken and the rice. Limit your rice intake to control carbs if you want to lose weight. A fresh salad will be a great side dish for this meal.

4. Chicken Chow mein

Another easy dish is chicken chow mein. You can get bags of chow mein that just need hot water, and you can sauté some chicken to add some protein to the bowl of chow mein. Add in some fresh or frozen vegetables with the sautéed chicken, and you have a complete meal ready in just a few minutes. This is an excellent meal for the kids too.

5. Chicken Sandwiches

If you want something you can easily pack, make a chicken sandwich. It is just as easy to make as any other sandwich but due to the high protein count from the chicken, this will keep you full much longer. You can add avocados, cheese, sauces, or anything else you enjoy with your other sandwiches.

6. Grilled Chicken Burgers

Using boneless chicken breasts or things, you can make some excellent burgers. Just sauté the marinated meat and dress it up in a burger with your choice of toppings. If it’s a cheat day meal, you can even make some fries and a lovely ice cream shake to go with it. This is another excellent to-go meal you can make for yourself or the kids.

Chicken offers a lot of protein with very little fat, making it great for people who are watching their calories. The meat from the legs and thighs is slightly higher in fat but it is perfect for making things like sandwiches and chow mein. Breast meat works best for dishes with a bit more moisture so that the meat doesn’t completely dry out. If you want an even healthier option, consider free-range chicken for your meals.

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