The best way to entertain guests and yourself in your home is to have an amazing outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens all you to take all the festivities outside where you won’t have to worry as much about spills or messy floors. They’re perfect for big families or small families who enjoy soaking up nature in their own backyard.

Best Outdoor Kitchen Designs You Must Bring this to Your Kitchen

With so many different outdoor kitchen designs, it could become difficult to decide what you need and what you don’t need in your kitchen. Although the answer to that will depend on the individual and their own specific needs and wants, there are a few things that many outdoor kitchen owners would say are worth the buy. Explore the option Of undermount Kitchen Sinks from different angles.

outdoor kitchen designs
Outdoor Kitchen

To discover all the outdoor kitchen must-haves, continue reading below. Here’s our outdoor kitchen checklist you need to see!

1. Cabinets and a Sink

When designing your outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to include enough cabinets for storage and counter space. You can keep a large variety of outdoor kitchen tools in your cabinets and plenty of non-perishable foods in there as well. If you have certain dishware that you use when dining outdoors, then you’ll want enough space for these items also.

Countertop space is another necessity. If you don’t have enough room to prepare your food outdoors, you’ll have to prepare it inside first and then bring it outside to cook. It’ll be much easier to have the counter space outside for this reason.

When installing the cabinetry, don’t forget to include a sink. A sink is another essential piece of your outdoor kitchen design. It’ll come in handy when preparing meals, washing dishes, or washing your hands.

2. A Pergola or Covering

A nice pergola or covering over your outdoor kitchen area is a great addition to your design. A covering of any sort will help keep the sun from beaming directly on you as you cook or eat. It provides shade and can even provide cool air if you install fans on the ceiling.

A covering can also come in handy when summer showers come sweeping through. Rather than letting the rain or snow during the winter months stop you from enjoying your outdoor kitchen, simply cover the entire area to protect it from the natural elements.

3. A Wine Cooler and Refridgerator

If you enjoy indulging in a glass of wine with your dinner, then you must have a wine cooler as part of your outdoor kitchen. Place the wine cooler in the cabinetry at the end of the counter. This will make it easy for guests and family to grab a bottle without having to disturb the cook.

You should also include a refrigerator in your design plans. Keep plenty of drinks and a few other items in your refrigerator outside. This will prevent you from having to travel back and forth from the inside kitchen to the outside one.

If there are certain things you don’t want to leave in an outdoor refrigerator all the time, simply bring them with you from the indoors one when it’s time to cook and dine outside and place them in the one outside for the evening.

4. A Kegerator

If you’re a beer drinker or would like to entertain guests with a bar atmosphere, then a kegerator is a perfect addition. A kegerator is a beer dispenser allowing you and your guests to enjoy a draft beer while dining outdoors.

When you serve everyone beer from the tap, they can use washable glasses or one single cup the entire time. It’ll eliminate an unnecessary amount of beer bottles. You can build an entire bar as part of your outdoor kitchen if a simple kegerator isn’t enough for you.

An outside bar is a perfect way to host parties and get together.

5. A Double-Sided Grill

What would an outdoor kitchen be without a double-sided grill? Some double grills come with two ways of cooking your food. For example, one side of the grill might be gas-fueled while the other burns coals.

This is a great way to meet everyone’s grilling needs if some like the smokey flavor while others don’t. Having a double-sided grill can also come in handy if you want to cook multiple food items at one time.

For example, you can grill meats on one side while grilling your vegetables on the other simultaneously. The best BBQ grills are the ones that are able to meet all your cooking needs. Because there are so many on the market, be sure to do your research and find the right one for you.

6. A Warming Drawer

Warming drawers are ideal for outdoor kitchens, especially when you’re planning on hosting large gatherings. If you’re cooking large amounts of food at one time, you won’t want to let food get cold while you’re cooking something else.

Instead, give yourself a few warming drawers where you can place the food you’ve already cooked to help it stay warm while you continue cooking the rest of the food. When all the cooking is finished, you can then serve them warm food on the table.

7. A Large Seating Area

A large seating area is a must for all outdoor kitchens. You want to have enough room to fit everyone. Select a table with plenty of table space and chairs.

As long as it fits under your covering, it’ll provide you with many nights of yummy meals. Aside from having a large table to dine at, you can also add a few other smaller seating areas and bar stools at the bar.

Which Outdoor Kitchen Designs Will You Use?

With so many different outdoor kitchen designs and ideas to choose from, which one will you implement into your own design plans? Don’t stop at one, though! Choose several ideas from this list and use them in your outdoor kitchen plans to create a space you’ll never want to leave.

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