With a mix of peach schnapps, Irish whiskey, sour mix, and sprite or lemonade, a green tea shot with its peachy twist is not meant to bluff you into drinking something healthy, but rather to provide you with a fun drink that has got a kick to it.

The fact that there is plenty of evidence to prove that green tea is one of the healthiest beverages there are spurs many on to give it a go. Drink a cup of green tea and you boost your body with immune-boosting antioxidants, so-called catechins. Catechins are also said to be able to protect against cancer and heart disease.

Green tea, especially in these covid-19 days, is a powerful immune-enhancing antioxidant. Research shows that several cups a day have antiviral, anticancer, and antibacterial effects.

Always try to look for organic green tea. After all, the tea is packed full of antioxidants and it has just way too many health benefits to ignore. There are many people who, when learning that caffeine can result in magnesium being excreted by the body, try to change over to something healthier. They look for health benefits by switching from coffee to herbal teas.

What Exactly Is A Green Tea Shot?

What Exactly Is A Green Tea Shot

What is a green tea shot then, as it sounds as though it could be more exciting to drink than just plain old green tea? It guarantees to be tastier even if it does not have any antioxidants in it. Is a green tea shot worth a try? Yes, if you are looking for something that tastes good, it is worth it.

No Green Tea In This Shot

There is just one thing that needs to be made clear before you drink green tea shots. You need to know that a green tea shot does not have anything to do with green tea as we know it. Yes, it has the name ‘green tea’ in it, but it does not contain any green tea. It is the color that makes one think you could be drinking green tea, but once you taste it you will know that it is not even remotely like green tea.

Green Tea’s Health Benefits

The many people that drink green tea surely do not drink it because of the taste, but rather because it is known to be one of the healthiest drinks there are. If green tea is so healthy, what are green tea nutrition facts? When you boil water and pour it over the green leaves, the green tea does not contain any fat, protein, or carbohydrates. It is known for its weight loss properties and that is also because you would not find any calories in the unsweetened tea as it is. Why it is so healthy then is that it has an ingredient in it known as catechins, and it is these catechins that give the green tea its health-boosting benefits. It is thought that green tea comes with cancer-fighting properties.

How Much Green Tea Should I Drink A Day?

How much green tea should I drink a day

As with many things relating to health, there is always conflicting information on its benefits and how much a person should take, and so it is with the amount of green tea to drink each day.

Some studies show that you can drink just one cup of green tea each day to benefit while others say that to benefit, you should drink 5 cups a day. So how much green tea should I drink a day then? Maybe you should strike a happy medium and drink 3 cups.

How much green tea should I drink a day? Some people will say you should drink it according to the disease you have or want to avoid getting. If you want to avoid prostate cancer, drink 5 cups a day. A person who drinks 6 cups a day will have a much less chance of developing diabetes.

To avoid heart disease, it seems that one to 3 cups a day will be sufficient. That is why it is important to do quite a bit of research to find out what the general consensus is on how many cups of green tea are required each day. One thing is sure though and that is that regularly drinking green tea can help with reducing your risk of developing several diseases and it can also help you to lose weight.

Types Of Green Tea

There are many types of green tea and there are also lots of different flavors and brew times to distinguish one from the other. All green teas, however, come from the same tea plant – Camellia Sinensis. Green tea also happens to come from different parts of the world, though most today come from Japan and China.

So, types of green tea are essentially determined by how the tea is grown, harvested, and processed. It is weird to think that Chinese green teas are pan-fried while Japanese are steamed. Japanese and Chinese green teas are not the only ones, and in more recent times, green teas are coming out of the United States and India as well. American tea growers are also experimenting with growing other tea varieties. Why isn’t my green tea green? There are several reasons, like as you may have low-quality green tea, too much sun, brewing process, oxidation, poor water quality, etc.

Some types of green tea include, among others, Gyokuro or Jade Dew. There is also Genmaicha tea or brown rice tea. Another kind of green tea would be Biluochun and also Sencha, a popular Japanese green tea made by infusing processed whole green tea leaves in hot water.

Is Green Tea Caffeinated?

Is green tea caffeinated

Is green tea caffeinated? Yes, but not enough to make you stop enjoying it. Most people are inclined to think of caffeine as only being found in coffee, but it is found in lots of soft drinks, chocolate bars, and even iced teas.

What many people do not believe is that green tea has caffeine, and in fact, a cup of it has about 25 – 30 mg of caffeine in it. There are disadvantages to drinking too much caffeine as it can cause you to become jittery when it overstimulates your central nervous system.

With a green tea shooter, you may be tempted because of the delightful taste of drinking more than you should, but it is not likely that you are going to drink so many glasses of shooters that you become hyper. So in answer to ‘is green tea caffeinated’, yes it is. Those who are drinking caffeinated drinks just need to be guided by the fact that they should limit their consumption of caffeine to not more than 400mg a day.

Green Tea Nutrition facts

In terms of green tea nutrition facts, you will discover that green tea also has trace amounts of potassium. Potassium is important to the body, as it is a mineral and an electrolyte. Potassium is needed for lots of bodily functions, such as regulating blood pressure, digestion, heart rhythms, ph balance, water balance, and nerve impulses.

For many people, green tea has become part of a healthy diet and for many other people, a green tea shot has become part of a fun way to drink something that is healthy in name only.

How can you even begin to compare the grassy, sometimes bitter taste of the herbal green tea to the decadently sweet taste of a green tea shot? Green tea is not complementary to any food we eat, while shooters can be with some foods. Shots or shooters came about in the 50s and 60s and by combining spirits with syrups and coming up with interesting names such as Green Tea shot, Peach Delight or Strawberries Romanoff, a wonderful effect was brought about. Many people get back from a horrible day at work and they just can’t wait to sit down, relax and indulge in a strong shot that is exciting and interesting. There are lots of spirits that can be included in a shot, such as among others –

  • Apple brandy
  • Brandy
  • Gin
  • Tequila
  • Grappa
  • Irish whiskey
  • Rum
  • Port
  • Bitters
  • Scotch whisky
  • sherry
  • vodka

For anyone looking to indulge in some whiskey for the first time, and you are out with friends, why not ask for a whiskey shot? Some people try it straight up while others prefer to have it mixed together with other juices and liqueurs.

There are many different whiskey shots, and a green tea shot is just one. Whiskey is a distilled spirit made out of fermented grain. It is aged in wooden casks prior to being bottled. There are many kinds of whiskeys and you do not have to use a certain type for your shots.

They are different because they make use of different grains and blending processes. Distillers always experiment with different recipes and these different recipes have brought about different whiskey production styles. Some of these different whiskeys include Bourbon-, Rye-, Tennessee-, single-malt-, Scotch and Irish whiskey, Japanese and Canadian whiskey, and Blended whiskey.

Depending on the type of party, some people include liqueurs and different kinds of juice and this can be delicious, but if you want something that is just a bit stronger, then you do not want to dilute your drink. A green tea shot is a great drink to have at any kind of party or gathering. A fairly new drink compared to other popular shooters, these green tea shooters are proving to be a must-have at any social gathering.

Green Tea Shots Recipe

Green Tea Shots Recipe

It is such a simple recipe that you would not require any kind of mixologist at your party. You can be the one making the drink and delighting your guests. There are one or two simple deviations to this green tea shots recipe, but whichever one you opt on, it is always going to be simple and delicious.

The green tea shot whisky-based cocktail here is made with just 4 ingredients –

  • Peach Schnapps
  • Irish Whiskey
  • Sour mix
  • Sprite or Lemonade

In case you are not 100% sure what these ingredients are, you can use any brand of Irish whiskey for this recipe. The sour mix is actually a cocktail mix of lemon and lime juice sometimes available from your regular grocery store.

Peach Schnapps is actually an alcoholic drink in itself. It is made from distilled peaches although it can be made from other fruits too. It usually contains about 20% alcohol. Peach Schnapps is a grain spirit flavored with sugar and fruit. Many people make their own Schnapps, using a base of vodka. Peach schnapps is used in a variety of cocktails so it is not surprising to find that it is used in a green tea shot as well.

To actually make the green tea shot, you will need all four of the ingredients mentioned above. You will also need a shaker and some ice cubes. Pour equal amounts of peach schnapps, whiskey, and sour mix into a shaker. Place ice cubes into the shaker. Usually, 3 or 4 ice cubes will be sufficient. Put the lid on the shaker and give it a merry shake and mix up. The last thing to complete the making of your green tea shots recipe is to pour the refreshing drink into attractive shot glasses and to drink up.

How do you prefer to drink your ‘greens’ in a glass? You have got two choices. You can either be drinking herbal green tea and benefiting from a whole lot of health benefits or you can be drinking a green tea shot and benefiting from a wonderful taste sensation.

Health, Fun, Or Both?

Both of these drinks are excellent in their own unique way and consumed straight up or mixed with other ingredients of your choice. The one is a great way to get your greens fast and conveniently and the other is a great way to get yourself relaxed and feeling great after a long, grueling day.

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