No matter how much storage space your kitchen has, you always went short of storage space. The pouring batches of groceries, bottles of condiments, and assortments of sauces are hard to manage. Therefore, every kitchen is equipped with a whole range of cabinets. Apart from being a practical element, kitchen cabinets also contribute to setting the aesthetics of the kitchen interior. You can make or break the visual appeal of a kitchen with the cabinets. That’s the reason why design experts lay emphasis on the choice of the right kitchen cabinets. Most kitchen cabinets feature a glass front. So it all boils down to the choice of glass. So it’s important to go through all the options. We are here with some of the most common glass types for kitchen cabinets. Let’s go through each of them to identify the best option.

Kitchen Glass Cabinets

  • Play Safe With Frosted Glass

If you want the aesthetics of glass without revealing the contents of the cabinet, choose frosted glass for kitchen cabinets. Frosted glass is made opaque by the technique of sandblasting or acid etching. It allows the light to pass through but blurs the direct view. Due to this, you can only see a blurry image of the cabinet content without guessing if it’s organized or not. Frosted glass for kitchen cabinets is a preferred choice for modern kitchen interiors. The aesthetics are further enhanced by incorporating LED lights in the cabinets. When turned on, the subtle glow creates a dreamy effect. Thus elevating the kitchen interior.

Pro Tip: You can also turn your transparent glass cabinets into frosted  by applying the frosting film over the clear glass.

  • The Go-To Clear Glass Option

Transparent glass is the most commonly used glass type in kitchen cabinets. The clear cabinetry provides a clear view of the cabinet contents. It allows you to showcase your precocious kitchenware, collectibles, and chinaware. The uninterrupted flow of light makes it a desirable option for kitchen cabinets. However, the only drawback of clear glass cabinet glass is that you would have to keep your cabinets organized all the time. Otherwise, the mess will be clearly visible from the transparent tempered glass cabinet door. So it is a suitable option for organized people.

  • Textured Glass For A Nice Style Statement

Textured glass exhibits patterns or textures that are engraved on the surface of the glass. The texture could be a geometric pattern or an irregular custom design. You can choose any texture according to the kitchen interior or your  preferred style.

Glass Cabinate

The texture on the glass surface diffuses the light and distorts the interior view. Thus you can also opt for textured glass to conceal the cabinet contents. It is a great option for people who are looking for personalized cabinet glass for their kitchens.

  • The Vintage-Chic Seeded Glass

The origin of seeded glass dates back to colonial times. Therefore it has a characteristic vintage vibe to it. The term “seeded” comes from the fact that the glass is pocked with small bubbles. The size of the bubbles or dots in the seeded glass can be selected according to your preferences. Choose a smaller seeding if you want to highlight your cabinet contents. While a bigger bubble size is better for concealing the cabinet interior. Seeded cabinet glass is incorporated in modern kitchens to give a vintage appeal to the space.

  • Leaded Glass For A Traditional Feel

Leaded glass has a fascinating handcrafted quality. It has a traditional feel and a rustic vibe to it. Leaded glass effectively obscures the view and creates an aesthetic cabinet glass. It particularly looks great in backlit cabinetry. You can also opt for colored or tinted leaded glass for an elevated look. Lead glass adds an antique look and feels to the kitchen interior.

  • Incorporate The Shade Of Tinted Glass

A specific color is added to tinted glass during the manufacturing process. It adds a hint of radiance to the kitchen interior with its tinted appearance. You can choose any color according to your preferences. Tinted glass is a great way to match the cabinetry to the kitchen interior.

Textured Glass Cabinate

The intensity of the tint can be altered according to the requirements. You can choose a darker tint to hide the cabinet content while  a lower color intensity works in the favor of displaying your collectibles. The transparency of the glass is enhanced with a color that creates a unique interest factor in the kitchen interior. Tinted glass is a great way to demonstrate your playful personality in interior design.

Concluding the Discussion Here

Glass cabinetry adds a unique elegance to your kitchen interior. It is an excellent middle ground between solid cabinetry and open shelving. The glass inserts keep the dust and debris out while visually expanding the kitchen and showcasing your favorite dishware. Whether you choose tinted glass or frosted glass for kitchen cabinets, keep your usage in mind. Consider how you aim to use your kitchen cabinets and pick the glass type accordingly. You can always add a touch of your individuality by opting for custom textured, personalized design and illuminating the cabinets with LED lights.

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