If a couple of years ago, CBD was an edgy and under-the-radar ingredient people added to their meals, now it became a mainstream one, consumed in various ways. CBD gummies and tinctures are already popular for their effectiveness when it comes to alleviating anxiety, insomnia, and pains. If you want to enjoy its benefits, incorporate it into foods and drinks.

CBD-infused foods

The idea of CBD-infused foods shouldn’t freak you out because people use it as an ingredient since the oldest times. Don’t be anxious about cook with CBD because if you follow some rules, you’ll enjoy its benefits to the fullest. This article provides all the knowledge you need to know to ensure that you don’t waste your money when you bring CBD into the kitchen.

Cook With CBD: Follow The Rules

Don’t Buy Pricey Products

If you already used tinctures, you know that multiple products are available at different prices on the market. But there’s no reason to infuse the food with the priciest tincture on the market. You can buy CBD-infused olive oil or prepare it at home. Collecting your own kief to add it to olive oil is easy because you only need a three-chamber herb grinder to allow the CBD kief to fall through and separate itself from the rest of the herb.

Ensure that the CBD products you buy are organically grown so that there’s no chance for them to have pesticides.

CBD-infused cake

Pay Attention to The Heat

Cooking can make CBD less effective. When you expose the product to overheating, its effects can burn off, so when you cook with CBD, keep the temperatures below 320˚F. However, CBD in cooked and baked foods is new territory, and most experts aren’t sure about the effect of heat on its properties. It’s best to add CBD after you remove the food from the hot surface to preserve the integrity of the plant. For example, instead of adding it into the cake batter before baking it, add it to the cream or icing.

Add Healthy Fats to The Food

CBD is fat-soluble, so your body absorbs it best when you mix it with other fats. This is why most chefs use oil infusions when they cook with CBD. CBD is drawn to fats, and you can mix it with all kinds of oil (avocado, sunflower, coconut, olive) that’ll work as a carrier and enhance its properties.

Ba Patient to Experience Its Effects

It’ll take your body longer to feel the effects of CBD when you add it to food than if you’d put a drop of the tincture under your tongue. All the other ingredients from the food have to pass through your liver and gut before the CBD reaches your bloodstream. Also, keep in mind that CBD in food isn’t as potent as when used by itself.

CBD Gummies

Pay Attention to The Foods and Drinks You Consume

Experts state that it’s harmful to use CBD when you drink alcohol. It’s fun to experiment with CBD cocktails, but keep them alcohol-free. Also, inform everyone who’s eating the food you prepare in advance because CBD can interact with some medications, or they may not want to eat CBD-infused foods.

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