Floral Refrigerator is an important piece of equipment that you should invest in your flower shop. However, not everyone can understand why they should be buying this instead of a commercial refrigerator.

One of the key factors in creating a successful flower shop is investing in the best equipment. But for newbies, there is certain flower shop equipment that we may not know about. Floral Display Fridge is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you need to have in your flower shop.

If you are curious about what the flower display fridge is and what they are for, we might just have the article for you. In this article, we are going to go over the basics of what a floral fridge is. Aside from that, we are going to give you the important reasons why you should invest in one. Make sure to stick out till the end!

What Is A Floral Refrigerator?

Floral Refrigerator

A floral refrigerator is a refrigerator for flowers. It comes with a similar build to a commercial refrigerator but is programmed to ensure that the flowers stay fresh throughout the day. One of the common mistakes of many flower shop owners is that they often invest in commercial refrigerators instead of floral refrigerators.

Floral refrigerators and commercial refrigerators have been similarly built. One of the things that makes them similar is the glass door. The transparent glass makes it a lot easier to showcase some of your best flower arrangements.

However, despite the similarities, there are also tons of differences (and reasons) that make Floral Display Fridge different from commercial refrigerators. Down below are some of the important reasons and differences that will help you understand why you should invest in a floral refrigerator instead of a commercial fridge.

Reasons Why You Should Be Investing In A Floral Refrigerator

Floral Refrigerators

Keeps The Flowers fresh 24/7

One of the important reasons why you should invest in a Floral Display Fridge is that they keep your stored flowers fresh. Flowers can wilt at high temperatures. Regardless of how often you water them, they would still wilt due to the humidity. Floral Display Fridge is created to ensure your flowers are fresh the whole day.

It keeps your products safe and saleable throughout the day. Most Floral Display Fridge keeps their temperature between 33 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperature to keep flowers fresh

They Are Built For Flowers And Not For Produce

If you are torn between a floral refrigerator and a commercial fridge, then you need to understand that both are different in a lot of ways. You need to invest in a floral refrigerator because they are made for flowers. They are programmed to be at the perfect temperature for flowers and not for canned drinks or produce. Most flower shop owners make this mistake. Commercial fridges tend to go lower than 33 degrees Fahrenheit which is not the best flower. The lower the temperature, the higher the possibility of your flowers dying. Floral Display Fridge keeps its temperature steady between 33 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. It won’t go lower or higher than these temperatures.

Low Air Flow And High Humidity

Another factor that should convince you to consider getting a Floral Refrigerator is that the airflow of this refrigerator is different. Commercial refrigerators and Floral Display Fridge vary in terms of airflow. For commercial refrigerators, airflow is usually set on high. This is to keep all your produce and other products cool and cold. However, this doesn’t work on flowers. Flowers need a low airflow system. This way, you can keep flowers cool without the risk of getting a petal destroyed due to high airflow.

Another important factor that your flowers need is high humidity. Flowers need high humidity to keep the flowers hydrated even if the whole fridge is set to a certain cool temperature. The high humidity keeps the air filled with water. Low humidity can cause flowers to dehydrate and wilt.

How To Choose A Floral Display Fridge

Floral Display Fridge

The Size Capacity

One of the most important things to consider when choosing your Floral Display Fridge is the size capacity. If you happen to be a small flower shop, you don’t need a big one. Tons of Floral Display Fridge works well with smaller flower capacity. However, if you happen to be the only flower shop in your area, then you might want to have a big Floral Display Fridge. This way, you can store tons of flowers to meet the needs of different customers and on different occasions.

Adjustable Shelving Is A Big Plus

Another important factor to consider is adjustable shelves. Flowers come in various sizes and shapes. Having adjustable shelving makes it easier to keep your flowers in the best condition. You don’t have to cram them into one space. You just have to arrange your shelves from the largest to the smallest flowers.

The Ones With The Wheelies Work As Well

Most people don’t see this as a plus. However, you should consider getting a Floral Display Fridge with wheels. It makes your flower shop upkeep a lot easier. You can easily move the fridge from one place to another. You don’t need three people to carry the fridge from one place to another.

Brand Plays A Vital Role As Well

Last and not least, consider the brand. There are tons of Floral Display Fridge on the market. However, if you want to invest in a durable and high-quality one, you need to buy a Floral Display Fridge from a trusted brand. Most of the trusted brands are pricey. But they are a great investment for your flower shop.


Floral Display Fridge is a big plus if you are planning on opening your flower shop.

Commercial fridges may seem like good equipment for your shop. However, it can cause more harm to your flowers. Hence, investing in the right equipment is necessary. This way, you can keep your inventory fresh and hydrated for weeks.

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