Among the many film premieres this year, there are really interesting projects that are worth waiting for: films from interesting film studios, and directors, incredible stories at the heart, and first-class actors for every taste and genre.

What could be better than a good movie and slots online canada in the evening? Here are 5 premieres of 2023 that are worth remembering and waiting for their release.

Top 5 Must-See Films Coming in 2023

Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool

This is Brandon Cronenberg’s new directorial project. The son followed in his father’s footsteps and is also fond of unusual and dark horror films. His last project “In Someone Else’s Skin” is a great example of this.

In the new project, a young rich couple performed by Alexander Skarsgard (“Varyag”) and Mia Goth (“Varyag”) turns out to be at the center of the story.

They’re going on vacation. The resort program marked “all-inclusive” offers tours of the island and amazing beaches. But a sudden accident forces the heroes to look behind the screen of the hotel, after which the atmosphere of rest changes dramatically.

Cocaine Bear

Incredibly, the film is based on real events. In December 1985, The New York Times published an article about an 80-kilogram bear who died of a cocaine overdose. This comedy thriller was directed by Elizabeth Banks. The film also became one of Ray Liotta’s last projects. Here he plays a villain, as Empire notes: it was his character who was waiting for a $14 million supply of drugs.

According to the plot, drug dealers dropped packs of cocaine from an airplane in the town of Knoxville in Tennessee. One of them was accidentally eaten by a wild bear and began to commit outrages in the American outback. In reality, of course, the beast under the drug did not do anything like that. So this is a new look at this story.

film 65


A fantastic thriller by the writers of “A Quiet Place” Brian Woods and Scott Beck. The producer was the director of “The Sinister Dead” and “Spider-Man” Sam Raimi. The main role in the film was played by Adam Driver.

In the story, a spaceship crashes on an unknown planet. The only survivors are a pilot named Mills and a girl named Koa. Soon they realize that they were on Earth only 65 million years ago, which means prehistoric monsters are coming into play.

Now the project looks interesting and promises us space fiction, dinosaurs, and an epic struggle for survival.

Beau Is Afraid

A new film by Ari Aster, director of “Reincarnation” and “Solstice”, and studio A24. In 2011, Aster released a short film “Bo”, which is the basis of a full meter. The main role was played by Joaquin Phoenix.

According to the plot, a middle-aged man named Bo is a successful businessman who is going through hard times. He goes home after learning about his mother’s death under strange circumstances. During the journey, strange things begin to happen to him, more like a terrible dream than reality.



Psychological thriller starring Willem Dafoe.

In the story, Nemo, an art thief, infiltrates a high-tech New York penthouse owned by a wealthy family. The robbery does not go according to plan, the alarm suddenly goes off and the security system eventually locks him in the house. With nothing but valuable pieces of art as his company, he must employ all of his cleverness and resourcefulness to endure his confinement.

The film was directed by aspiring director Vasilis Katsupis. Before “Inside,” he shot only a documentary, which was well received and received a nomination in the category “Best Documentary” at the Greek Film Festival in Los Angeles. And the script for “Inside” was written by the author of the paintings “Puppet” and “The Nine Lives of Thomas Katz ” Ben Hopkins.

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