One of the greatest pleasures in life is enjoying a wonderful, hot, and fresh pizza with your friends. And if you are from New York City, then there’s nothing better than ordering a slice from one of the many iconic pizzerias around town.

There are two types of pizza in New York City; thin crust and square cut. Thin crust pies tend to be more foldable, while square cuts would need a fork and knife. This is so since they are thicker than the ones with thinner doughs like Neapolitan or Roman-style pizzas that are softer but crispier. In this post, we will talk about how to enjoy New York-style pizzas with your friends.

Try out many New York-style pizzas on

When you are out with your friends for brunch or even dinner, you can try out as many different pizzas as you want. Since New York City has so many great options, it’s worth trying out a new one every time instead of ordering the regular go-to slice that you already know is delicious. Another advantage of ordering different types is that everyone can have a slice of something different and thus get to taste many great flavors.

Enjoy it with your friends in a fun environment

Try out many New York-style pizzas on

While eating, make sure that you enjoy the pizza with people who share your passion for food. If they are not into trying new things, their presence won’t add any value to the experience. Instead of dragging along someone who doesn’t want to try anything else than what they usually eat, take out your other friends instead. The more passionate about good eats, the better. Enjoying delicious pizzas is always so much sweeter when enjoyed in company, after all.

Try several places before deciding on one place

Try several places PizzasMany places sell New York-style pizzas, but not all of them are good. If you want to be sure that you are enjoying at least a decent pizza, try several places before deciding on the one place where you will feel most comfortable spending your money. Even if it is more expensive than everywhere else, you might as well go for quality instead of quantity in this case. Do not waste any time or money on something mediocre when there are so many great options available.

Order the right drinks

Sassicaia Wine

Eating your favorite pizza while drinking the wrong kind of drink can ruin your experience. When you order a New York-style pizza, make sure you order the right drinks to accommodate it. It is not just about buying something sweet or bubbly. There are several options available such as beer and wine, that will help enhance the flavor profiles of what you’re eating while still complimenting them nicely too.

Having different types of New York-style pizzas paired up with drinks is one of the best new experiences for anyone who likes to try new things and enjoys tasty pizzas.

There you have it! The next time you plan to go out with your friends, try the above tricks and you will enjoy every bit of it.

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