If you’re looking to make a fresh start in 2023, moving to North Carolina may be the answer.

This Southern state offers unique residential, financial, and professional opportunities not always available in other parts of the country. It is also much closer to the rest of the US, making it an excellent alternative for the weary traveler.

Before moving to North Carolina, though, it is essential to learn about the best places to live in North Carolina to have a clear picture ahead of yourself.

If you’re unsure where to begin your research, keep reading for our quick guide on all the best places to live in North Carolina.



Welcome to North Carolina! If you’ve been looking for a great place to live, Raleigh should be high on your list. It’s the capital city of the state and one of the best places to live in North Carolina.

The city is home to world-class universities, a vibrant cultural scene, and a growing job market. The cost of living is competitive, and there is always something to do. Plus, the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area is well known for its educational and research opportunities.

The close proximity to Research Triangle Park, North Carolina State University, and Duke University makes Raleigh a desirable place to live and work.


Charlotte is a vibrant city full of history, entertainment, and great amenities. From its lively arts and culture scene to ample green spaces, Charlotte offers something for everyone.

With its diverse economy, great schools, and plenty of job opportunities, it’s no wonder why so many people are flocking to this dynamic city. Everyone is welcome in Charlotte, whether they want to buy a home, see what the city offers, or just soak up the wonderful Southern kindness.

With so much to do and see, Charlotte is a great place to call home.



Located in the heart of the Piedmont Triad and known as “Tournament Town,” Greensboro is home to various attractions to explore and activities to enjoy.

From savoring a cup of coffee downtown to attending an outdoor concert on Friendly Avenue, there are plenty of options to experience the vibrant culture of Greensboro.

The downtown area offers easy access to the LeBauer City Park with its popular carousel, food truck park, outdoor ice rink, and outdoor amphitheater, making it the perfect spot for an afternoon with family. Plus, Greensboro is only a short drive from the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, making it a great place to find outdoor adventure.


Living in Durham, NC, offers a unique combination of history, culture, and growth. Located in the heart of North Carolina, Durham boasts various attractions catering to numerous interests.

From exploring its historic tobacco warehouses to lingering in one of its innovative coffeehouses, Durham is a city of adventure for all. Residents of Durham can take advantage of its strong education system, numerous museums, and outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and mountain biking.


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Explore the Best Places to Live in North Carolina

NC is a great state to live, work and explore. Its stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and abundant opportunities make it an ideal place to call home.

So what are you waiting for? Discover the best places to live in North Carolina today and experience its beauty and adventure!

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