Who doesn’t love a multifunctional device in the kitchen?  There are numerous types of cookers that provide you with the option of cooking a variety of things with just one small appliance, including rice cookers.  If you search the web you can find tons of for your electric rice cooker recipes. There is an extensive collection of recipes for the Instant Pot multicooker at Corrie Cooks.

Delicious Electric Rice Cooker Recipes

Let’s take a look at some of the surprising and delicious electric rice cooker recipes and foods you can make in particular with your rice cooker. And get trepenes cooking guide from here.


Making your own yogurt in a rice cooker is an interesting way to prepare this dairy delicacy.  Temperature is key when making yogurt and the rice cooker caters to a thoroughly stable heating environment for the culture to do its work. You can easily find electric rice cooker recipes yogurt online and multiple YouTube videos too.


Applesauce is said to be one of the simplest things you can make in a rice cooker. This unusual method for cooking applesauce is said to not only be easier but also richer in taste.  The aroma of the applesauce of in the rice cooker conjures up crisp, fall vibes.  You can add cinnamon and even customize your applesauce by substituting or adding other fruits. Leave the apples in chunks and use the rice cooker to make cinnamon apples.

Mac and Cheese

Who doesn’t love a creamy bowl of mac and cheese?  It’s a favorite of both adults and kids.  This comfort dish can be quickly and easily made in the rice cooker.  The rice cooker method is simple and safer than the stovetop method which makes it a great method for preparing with the whole family.  You can find rice cooker recipes using boxed mixes or homemade version electric rice cooker recipes online.


People love the ease of making oatmeal in a rice cooker.  Rice cooker oatmeal can be prepared in a similar method as cooking in a crockpot.  However, the rice cooker method provides easier cleanup with its nonstick pan and allows for smaller portions to be cooked. In addition to oatmeal, your rice cooker can make other popular breakfast cereals such as grits and rice pudding.


Giant or should we say epic size pancakes can be made in your rice cooker.  This version of the pancake is thicker and more cake-like than your traditional thin, flat pancake.  It is served in wedges like slices of cake.  This method is simple, requires no flipping, and can even be cooked overnight.  Simply mix your batter in the rice cooker and hit start.  Add your favorite toppings or even mix in ingredients such as chocolate chips to make this breakfast treat even better.

Sausage Jambayla

Looking for an easy way to enjoy the Cajun favorite jambalaya?  Try the rice cooker method!  Multiple recipes can be found online and fans of this recipe rave about the ease of preparing this Cajun classic in their rice cookers.


A warm bowl of soup hits just the right spots and doesn’t have to take all day to prepare when you cook it in your rice cooker.  Take your ingredients, place them in your rice cooker, and let it cook.  The options for soups that can be made in your rice cooker are abundant from tomato soup to chili.  The rice cooker boils the liquid until it reaches a set temperature and keeps the soup warm until you’re ready to serve.


From omelets to hard-boiled eggs, your rice cooker is an excellent tool for cooking this breakfast staple.  Frittatas are another egg dish that can be made in the rice cooker.  Rice cooker frittatas are popular for their fluffy, creamy texture.  Adding vegetables to the frittata makes for a convenient all in one high protein meal.  In addition to hard-boiled eggs, you can also prepare soft boiled eggs in your rice cooker.


Take a spud and use your rice cooker to make baked potatoes or even mashed potatoes.  To make fluffy, tender baked potatoes in your rice cooker just pierce the skin of the potato and place it in the rice cooker.  Mash the potatoes, add butter and milk to make mashed potatoes.


Fresh, homemade bread can be made in your rice cooker.  Rice cooker banana bread, sweetbreads, and sourdough are some of the popular bread recipes you can find throughout the internet.  Bakers rave about the ease and convenience of baking bread in a rice cooker.


Search the internet for rice cooker cakes and you’ll be amazed at all the different cakes that can be made in your rice cooker.  You can use boxed cake mixes or make a cake from scratch using the rice cooker.  Rice cooker cakes are soft, moist, and rise beautifully.  From chocolate lava cakes to pineapple upside-down cakes, you can use your rice cooker to make your cake dreams come true.

Other Grains

In addition to rice, you can make a variety of other grains in your rice cooker.  They generally have the same cooking requirements as white rice.  Quinoa is one of the more popular grains cooked in the rice cooker.

Hot Chocolate

Whip up a creamy batch of homemade hot chocolate using your rice cooker.  Add a few ingredients including cocoa powder to the inner pot, stir, set to slow cook, and serve with your favorite toppings.


Use your rice cooker to prepare spiced fruits such as pears.  The rice cooker technique is said to be a mix between poaching and steaming.  The cooker can steam a variety of fruits including peaches and you can add a variety of juice combinations to make your custom fruit creation.


This one is pretty obvious but you don’t have to feel stuck to cooking just white rice in your rice cooker.  There are many rice recipes online including Mexican rice, coconut rice, and cilantro lime rice.  Let your creativity flow with the endless varieties of rice recipes you can prepare in your rice cooker.

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