When it comes to countertops, why restrict oneself to just black and white?

Why not try a colour which is made from a combination of both of them? Grey is one of the most underrated colours for being considered for countertops. One can hardly find any kitchen or bathroom with dark grey granite countertops.

The colour dark grey is perfect for those looking for something that stands out yet mixes up well with the interior of the rest of the house. Black granite was all the rage as it was easy to clean and take care of. However, with time grey countertops have taken up all the shine.

But why go for granite over other stones?

The first reason is that granite is a much cheaper natural stone than others. Second, the plenty of design options available. Due to all these reasons, granite is preferred over others.

Apart from granite, quartz is a well-known stone used in kitchen and bathroom countertops. Its amazing finishing and look are unbeatable. That’s why for decades, homeowners have preferred quartz for their homes.

To learn more about how to include a quartz countertop into one’s abode, click here. Now, without much ado, let’s move forward and talk about grey countertop designs.

Dark grey granite countertops for residential spaces

Grey Granite Countertops

The colour dark grey looks extremely poised and classy. By including it in the kitchen and bathroom, one can make their home look extremely appealing.

Here are some design ideas that one should go through before renovating the house:

Dark grey granite countertops with white cabinets in the kitchen

The contrasting effect created with the dark grey and white combination is hard to find anywhere. Homeowners use these two colours with dark grey granite countertops and white cabinets. Neither does it overpower each other, nor do they make the area look dull. Add golden handles on the cabinetry and stove hood to finish decorating it.

Dark grey countertop with white backsplash

For kitchen countertops, backsplash is one additional aspect that homeowners can customise to make it look appealing. The kitchen’s backsplash is the place nobody usually thinks much about. But by adding a beautiful white patterned backsplash with a dark grey countertop, the whole vibe of the kitchen will brighten up. Put a beautiful chandelier with a wine glass-shaped lantern on the ceiling.

Grey countertop with patterns

Tired of plain dark grey countertop ideas? Let’s try something with patterns. As mentioned above, granite comes in different textures and patterns. If one has an all-white or black kitchen or bathroom, then including patterned dark grey granite countertops can break the monotony. Make sure to have classy grey chairs that will go along with the countertop.

Dark grey black white swirl granite countertops and similarly coloured decor

Swirl granite countertops give a contemporary look to the room where they are installed. Usually, homeowners run away from this pattern as it does not sit well with all types of home interiors. But with a few modifications here and there, one can easily include it in their home. Make sure to have the countertop in dark grey with black and white swirls.

Granite Countertop

Modern grey granite counterṭop kitchen

Want to give a modern and fun touch to the kitchen? Put in a funky backsplash with plain dark grey granite countertops to go with it. Then, add on colourful cabinets with it and a stainless stove hood. This mixture of traditional and contemporary elements will make the kitchen look different. One can also make use of colourful clothing to go with the cabinet area.

White veins on a grey countertop

Renovate the kitchen by using a beautiful grey countertop with white veins. The spider-like structure formed all over the countertop will be even better by adding white cabinets and furniture. Put on a flower vase with beautiful patterns. Also, add on some vintage lanterns to create a home environment.

Plain grey countertop

If patterns and textures are not someone’s cup of tea, then going on with a plain dark grey countertop will definitely bring peace to one’s eyes. The neat look of the area where it is installed will please any homeowner instantly. Make sure to keep the simplicity on and keep the cabinets of the kitchen/bathroom in white creamish tones; for the kitchen, one can also add some fancy silver cutlery to make it appear regal.

Black cabinet with grey countertop

Fan of the colour black? Then a beautiful black bathroom/kitchen in the kitchen might be like a dream come true. Black has the appeal to attract all the onlookers towards it. The simple yet classy touch of this all-time in-demand colour can make any space in the home go from boring to fabulous in seconds.

Add on a dark grey granite countertop to complete its whole look. Homeowners keep the furniture around the countertop in tones of light greys and whites for subtitling out the look.

Wooden cabinet with dark grey countertop

When someone talks about classic design, how can one forget about wood? The beautiful and elegant finishing it gives to the home is unmatched by any other material. Adding a dark grey countertop with wooden cabinets makes the kitchen/bathroom look a thousand times more beautiful.

colour for countertops

The darker shade of grey will complement the lighter tones of wood in a better way. If the homeowners use this design in the kitchen, add some artificial plants to complete the renovation.

Dark grey granite countertops — Conclusion

Dark grey granite is a rare yet elegant colour for countertops that one can find in any home. It makes the whole kitchen/bathroom look regal and classy. One additional thing which will make homeowners want to install a dark grey granite countertop is its minimal upkeep. Apart from this, the availability of beautiful designs and patterns in it will fulfil anybody’s wants instantly.

The design mentioned above is solely focused on dark grey granite stone. But if required, one can swap it with the other amazing colour and stone options available. From kitchen to bathroom, these designs can fit in every space. So, try to experiment with the colourful patterns and designs available with grey granite countertops.

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