I was skeptical of the idea of sous vide. I generally prefer my bacon cooked completely crisp and almost burnt, rather than trying to get bacon that’s crisp and moist at the same time. But bacon cooked sous vide overnight is the first I’ve ever tasted that delivers on that moist-and-crisp promise that has changed my mind.

You wanna try to sous vide steak? Continue to know more!

What is Sous Vide Bacon?

It’s crispy on the exterior as you bite into it, but it quite literally melts in your mouth, like the finest duck confit or confit pork belly, as you chew. Here’s how to make it.

So, how do you do it?  I started with a thick hickory smoked bacon from my local supermarket butcher that tends to be a bit on the stringy side regardless of cooking method. Using the sous vide cooker completely eliminated this and turned the bacon into something akin to a slow-roasted pork belly that would cost an arm and a leg, but in ever so crispy yet tender strips to Sous Vide Bacon.

For me, this is the perfect balance for the world’s best food. I’m now in love with Sous Vide Bacon.

Sous Vide Everything Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin:

There is an age old debate on how people like their Sous Vide cooked. I recall a recent article on a great website wherein a married couple debated the correct texture, well done like I used to prefer is limp with just a hint of doneness. My guess is that after trying this method, they may finally be able to agree that cooking is the best way to go.

Cooking Bacon all night long with sous vide

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Sous vide bacon is cooked overnight and up to 24 hours and will give you the best bacon you have ever eaten. Cooking bacon with the sous vide method will allow the bacon maintain all the flavor, meatiness and juiciness that we love in bacon. New to sous vide? I explain in simple terms everything I know about sous vide cooking.

I could use this bacon in my deep dish quiche or in bacon cheddar breakfast cups, or before you crips the bacon wrap it around tots and make bacon tater top bombs.

Sous vide loosely translates to ‘under vacum’. Sous vide everything bacon is bacon that has been cooked in a bag under the vacum of a precision temperature controlled water bath. The extended time and precise temperature of the sous vide makes the best tasting bacon. Sous vide is meaty, juicy, flavorful  and tender.

All you pork lovers need to check out my sous vide pork chop recipe!Read More: Cooking Bacon All Night Long with Sous Vide – YouTube From: www.youtube.com Published: N/A

Tips & Tricks: The World’s Best Bacon Cooks Allllll Night Long Sous Vide Everything bacon…

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Find more sous vide recipes in my brand new book, Everyday Sous Vide: It’s All French to Me. Snag the book for lots of amazing sous vide recipes like this sous vide everything bacon one!

Don’t know about sous vide yet, but curious to learn more? Start here! I tell ya about everything you need to get viding.

First things first: I just spent the morning binge watching Brooke Lark’s Youtube channel before editing the photos I took yesterday and WOW. She definitely upleveled my photo game. I am pumped about the photos in this post. Thanks, Brooke!

Second: I can hear you right now. You’re thinking: why would you sous vide everything bacon? How is bacon a worthy candidate for this cooking method? Hear me out.Read More: Tips & Tricks: The World’s Best Bacon Cooks Allllll Night Long …

Why Sous Vide Bacon Works?

Cooking bacon overnight leads to extraordinarily tender and tasty results.

A quick sear on one side only gives you a crisp texture to contrast with the tenderness so it satisfies those who prefer their bacon crispy.

Sous Vide Bacon
Sous Vide Everything Bacon


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sous vide bacon
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