Most people would never consider a sofa as furniture for the kitchen, but the trend is growing. Today’s interior design is all about comfort and conversation. Why not bring that vibe into the kitchen?

Comfort Inspired Design For Your Eat in Kitchen

Especially when preparing for a large family or holiday gathering, a sofa allows your guests and family to sit with you while you cook and bake. You no longer have to miss out on the great conversations because no one wants to stand in the kitchen. Now you’ll have a place to hang out with your favorite people while still giving them the meal and desserts they have come to expect from your kitchen. This guide will help you to choose the best free photo editing software in 2022.

furniture for the kitchen,

There are a few different areas of your kitchen that would be perfect for a small sofa. An open-concept kitchen that includes a dining area is a great spot for a sofa and coffee table. Choose a smaller breakfast table and chairs to allow more room for the sofa seating area.

You can also place a small sofa in a breakfast nook off the kitchen. If your kitchen has bar-style seating that is rarely used, consider getting rid of those tall stools and building a platform in their place. When you place the sofa on the platform, it will make the bar easily accessible to those lounging, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on everything while you visit.

At this point, you might be thinking, “This author is nuts! Why would I get rid of the place my household shares their meals?” The truth of the matter is that your sofa could be used for sharing breakfast in the morning, enjoying coffee with a friend, and sharing a snack after school or work. By placing a coffee table in front of the sofa, everyone will have a place to set down their food and beverages.

coffee table

If you’re worried about stains, choose a sofa that has been scotch guarded for extra protection. You might also consider getting a set of folding TV trays for messier meals and snacks. Of course, your more traditional dining room can remain the same so that you can still enjoy the home-cooked meals that you love.

If you are placing a sofa in an open-concept kitchen, you should also choose a sofa with polyester upholstery. Polyester is not only stain and water-resistant, it is also heat and fire-resistant. Most basic oven mitts are made of polyester for this reason.

If the worst were to happen, polyester or other heat-resistant sofas will not be quick fuel for the fire. It is important that you read all of the product descriptions of sofas that you are considering to make sure that they are safe for the kitchen. Even the foam cushions of the sofa should be of a fire-resistant material to slow the spread of a fire if one were ever to occur.

fire-resistant material

If you’re ready to consider how a sofa might look in your eat in kitchen, check out the sofa section of 1stopbedrooms for a large selection of appropriate sofas.

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